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50% of students work all year round

03 Sep 2007

50% of students work all year round Over 50 per cent of students work all year round to make ends meet, new research has found.

The survey, by Milkround.com, also revealed that a whopping 84 per cent think a part-time job is vital to help fund their studies.

Almost one in four of those questioned said they worked during the holidays - and ten per cent fitted work into their lives "irregularly".

Just five per cent said they didn't have to rely on work, as the funding for their degree came from other sources.

A spokesman for Milkround.com said: "The burden of financial worries clearly ranks high on student minds: they need to be earning to make ends meet at university.

"If the trend of increasing the costs of university study continues, the danger is students may have to earn even more leading to less time studying.

"The experiences of a part-time job can be valuable when they graduate along with the money, but this should not be taking priority over a good degree."

Some students seem to be earning substantial amounts of money while at university. Some 14 per cent of those questioned were paid at least £10,400 a year - an average of over £200 every week.

Many respondents seemed to welcome the challenge - learning the value of money, meeting new people and gaining skills were all cited as good reasons to get a part-time job.

One student even said: "A degree is just a qualification: life experience is what makes it count - and a work ethic needs to be extended outside of the library."

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