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Havant Hotel Would Create 1000s Of Jobs & Apprenticeships

29 Mar 2013

Havant Hotel Would Create 1000s Of Jobs & Apprenticeships Local councillors say that a proposed hotel and industrial site in Havant would create thousands of full and part time Hampshire jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for young people and local people in the county.

Havant Borough councillors unanimously backed the Portsmouth Council plans at a meeting yesterday, meaning the 30 acre development can now proceed to the next stage of planning.

Hampshire councillor Leah Turner said of the proposals and the opportunities it will open up: “This is great news for the borough. There will be a hotel, light industry plus heavy industry brought to the area. All this will provide so many jobs and so many apprenticeship places. Thousands of jobs will be created, both in the construction of the buildings, and then providing work inside them.”

Work will now begin by Portsmouth Council to finalise the planning details and resubmit them to Havant Borough Council before a final decision is made on the hotel and industrial area site in the Warren Park area of Havant.

If total permission is granted further down the line then the Hampshire jobs created at the new development should include a whole range of full and part time opportunities for students and young people in the area.

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