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US Woman Fails To Secure Graduate Job So Sues College

05 Aug 2009

US Woman Fails To Secure Graduate Job So Sues College So, you’ve left university and you haven’t found a graduate job. What do you do? Well, if you were in the United States you could follow the example of Trina Thompson who is now suing her college because she has failed to secure a graduate job after completing her bachelor’s degree.

According to the BBC, Ms Thompson, 27, has filed a lawsuit of $70,000 – around £42,000 – at the Bronx Supreme Court against Monroe College in New York where she studied. She says that is the sum which she wasted on her information technology degree and alleges that the college’s Office of Career Advancement failed to give her the careers advice and leads which it promised in order to find a graduate job.

Monroe College, founded in 1933, offers career-oriented learning in business, healthcare, criminal justice and information technology, and a small liberal arts programme.

Ms Thompson said of Monroe College in her lawsuit that, "They have not tried hard enough to help me." Carol, Trina’s mother, said that her daughter was very angry with the situation and added that the whole family would now have to suffer the burden of more debt.

Monroe College, however, have stressed that they do indeed try to help their students find graduate jobs. Their spokesman, Gary Axelbank, said that, "The college prides itself on the excellent career-development support that we provide to each of our students, and this case does not deserve further consideration." He claimed that Ms Thompson’s lawsuit had no merit whatsoever and stated that Monroe is still offering her the use of their careers services.

Many people, not just in the US, will be watching how the case proceeds. If you would rather exert some effort of your own in order to secure a career then see if you can find a graduate job yourself - with a little bit of help from e4s!

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