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Sports Coaching Apprenticeships

Introduction To Sports Coaching Apprenticeships
Do you have a genuine passion for sports - and outdoor sports, in particular? Do you love being outdoors in general? Are you active and keen to help young people progress in their sport and watch them develop as a result of your help?

Well, if sports were your strength at school or you are generally sporty out of school time, how about thinking about making a career out of your passion with Sports Apprenticeships? There are different types of Sports Apprenticeships out there. You might fancy football coaching jobs in the future or other sports coaching jobs. If this is you then Sports Coaching Apprenticeships could be right up your street and they could be your gateway to making a name for yourself as a coach in your chosen sport.

How Do Sports Coaching Apprenticeships Vary?
Which types of sports coaching jobs are you looking for in the future? Football coaching jobs?Tennis coach? Swimming coach? Perhaps you like the idea of activity coaching jobs where you could also be involved in more adventure sports? Whatever type of career in sports coaching you are looking for, Sports Coaching Apprenticeships will equip you with the skills needed to encourage others to succeed and work as part of a team.

Whatever type of outdoor sports coaching jobs you want to do in the future, you can rest assured that you will have nationally recognised outdoor sports industry qualifications under your belt. Your Sports Coaching Apprenticeship experience will vary depending on your place of work and your employer.

For example, you could be working in an activity adventure centre doing activity leader jobs that teach young people about teamwork in an adventure environment. If you want to take the route of landing future football coaching jobs, you could do Football Coach Apprenticeships, where you could be working in primary schools, high schools and local sports centres. Football could be one of the sports but you will also get a broad overview of leading and coaching other sporting activities for young people. It’s also possible, if there is one in your area, that you could land yourself an Apprenticeship in Sports Coaching at a specialist academy. This could be focussing on football, rugby or other sports.

What Is Involved In Sports Coaching Apprenticeships?
Well, first of all, well done to you for thinking about Apprenticeships right now. This is a really exciting time for the programmes as Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards are beginning to roll out across all trades and professions. Sports coaching is, of course, included in this. Even if there is no Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard ready for delivery right now, it will be coming soon and your current Apprenticeship will change over to the new standards.

Trailblazer Sports Coaching Apprenticeships
In the future, it will be possible to do Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards in Outdoor Sports. At the time of writing, this sports Coaching Apprenticeship is still in development but don’t let that put you off! No, you can still do Sports Coaching Apprenticeships under the current framework where you could be working in any of the environments mentioned above.

Intermediate Level Sports Coaching Apprenticeships
Intermediate Level Sports Coaching Apprenticeships are an Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership. On successful completion of your programme, you will be awarded
  • NVQ Level 2 qualifications in Activity Leadership
  • Level 2 qualification in Principles & Preparations For Coaching Sport (whichever pathway you choose, you will receive a specific certificate - football or basketball coaching, for example)
  • Employment Rights & Responsibilities
  • Functional Skills Level 1 Maths and English
Once you have done you Activity Leadership Apprenticeship, you can do activity leader jobs and, if you want to specialise more and progress your career in sports coaching jobs, you can move forward to Advanced Apprenticeships.

Advanced Level Sports Coaching Apprenticeships
Advanced Level Sports Coaching Apprenticeships take you to Level 3 qualifications and you could do, for example:
  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Sports Development where you will receive Level 3 qualifications in Sports development
  • Level 3 Advanced School Sport Coach Apprenticeship where you will receive a Level 3 Certificate in Supporting The Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport Whichever route you choose, you will also complete Employment Rights & Responsibilities and Functional Skills Level 2 Maths and English.
Further Career Development After Sports Coaching Apprenticeships
After completing Intermediate and Advanced Level Sports Coaching Apprenticeships you can continue to develop your career if you wish. Those of you who really excel could end up in professional football coaching jobs or working with elite athletes and sportsmen and women in other sports. There are further Level 4 Sports Coaching qualifications if you want to undertake them and if you want to do study, you could go into sports science or related fields at degree level.

Sports coaching is an exciting and varied career where you are helping children and adults to succeed in their chosen sport. It is the type of career that could even take you abroad. This could be sports coaching jobs abroad or you might need to go abroad occasionally with your team or sportspeople.

Apply For Apprenticeships In Sports Coaching
So, do you like what you have seen? Do you think sports coaching jobs could be right up your street? Take a look below to see if there are any Sports Coaching Apprenticeships to suit you and you could soon be on the path to an exciting career in the coaching industry.

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