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Sports Internships

Introduction To Sports Internships. What Are They?
What better way to kickstart your graduate career than working in a position that you have a genuine passion for. If you have a passion for sports then did you know there is a whole range of sports internships out there that could give you a step on the ladder to your dream job.

If you like the idea of working abroad, international sports internships could be right up your street and, of course, the sports industry is a thriving sector of the British economy so there could be internships in sports management and other areas of sport available all over the United Kingdom.

For some sports jobs, multiple applications can be received for just one position and competition can be stiff. Voluntary and paid sports internships can give you the practical experience that can set you apart from your competition when it comes to applying for graduate roles in the future.

Who Can Apply For Sports Internships?
Internships in the sports industry are available in a variety of roles, as you can see below so really, it depends where your interests lie. For sports medicine internships and physiotherapy positions, relevant qualifications will be necessary but for other types of internships in sports, you will just need your passion for the industry.

If you are doing a degree in sports science or other related subjects, then this can stand you in good stead. Undergraduates who are confident in building relationships with people, who think they can promote the sport they love and who can network with others could also benefit from sports summer internships and those of a longer duration.

What Are The Different Types Of Sports Internships?
If you are fit and healthy and have the relevant qualifications, you could do placements such as sports coaching internships or internships with sports teams. Other types of placements could be sports management internships or sports marketing internships where you could be learning all about how sports teams work, how sponsorship is raised and how the team and that sport is promoted.

Other types of professional sports internships can be with companies who organise national and international sporting events and you can gain first hand experience at what is involved in setting the events up and making them run smoothly.

Some sports internships abroad are unpaid but as well as the experience, your expenses and accommodation are sometimes covered, too. Paid sports internships are also possible. Both in the UK and abroad, you could be doing summer sports internships, placements that last just a few weeks or programmes that last for months.

When Do I Apply For Sports Internships?
Because there are so many different types of sports internships out there, once you have decided which type of placement to go for, make sure you are aware of the company’s recruitment dates.

Take a look below to see if there are any internships in the sports industry being advertised that might be what you are looking for.

Apply For Sports Internships Now
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