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Product Demonstrator Jobs For Students

Is Product Demonstrating Exactly What It Sounds Like?
Well, yes, it pretty much is just demonstrating a product. But it is great work for students as it is more often than not on an ad-hoc basis or at least with very flexible hours.

Many companies need to get their products in front of the right audience – and they need the right people to put them there. There is little point sending out unenthusiastic and unprepared sales teams to display your brands' products to the world.

Companies are always looking for people with a genuine enthusiasm for products – because nothing much sells better than a genuine belief and understanding in a product.

The great thing is that a lot of product demonstrator jobs are handed out on a one-off contract basis. So, if you can prove you have a talent for showcasing a product in a way that makes customers feel confident about making a purchase then you could get regular work as a student doing product demonstrations.
Retail Marketing Group
Who Would Be Good At Product Demonstrating
You would!

There are millions of products out there – and you must be enthusiastic about at least a few of them….

If you can convey that level of enthusiasm to the average man or woman on the street then you have a good chance of landing a few of these product demonstrator jobs.

A confident manner is an advantage, but a genuine understanding of the product and an obvious enthusiasm for it can sometimes persuade the most stubborn of customers to part with their hard earned cash. And that is exactly what companies are looking for in their product demonstrators.
Typical Tasks As A Product Demonstrator:
  • Researching specific products
  • Receiving training on specific products
  • Getting to know a product inside out
  • Promotional work providing a product demonstration in public places
  • Answering potential customers questions
N2O Ltd
Can Students Earn Decent Money In A Product Demonstrator Job?
It really is difficult to put a figure on how much money you can make by finding product demonstrator jobs. Sometimes pay can be on an hourly basis – and you should expect a minimum of £6 an hour.

Other firms pay on a per-day basis because a new product launch may only be for a limited time. In theses cases, a typical good day of work as a product demonstrator could bring you over £60 for your efforts.

If you find you have a natural talent for product demonstrating then it can be a long term career choice, because no companies want to lose people who can display their new items in an effective way.
A Few Product Demonstrator Takeaway Skills For Your CV:
  • Research skills
  • Understanding products
  • Persuasive selling
  • Responding to questions
  • Public speaking
Sounds Good, Show Me The Product Demonstrator Jobs On Offer
We have a number of clients who advertise their product demonstrator jobs and promotional work with us, but it isn't the sort of work you can just expect to turn up and find on a daily basis. If we have any current product demonstrator jobs available for students then you will see them listed below.

If there is nothing advertised below right now, then bookmark this page and keep checking back for the latest student opportunities in the world of product demonstrating and promotional work.
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