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Ideas For Jobs - McDonalds Or Flight Attendant?
There are some students who simply have to get a job for the summer in order to survive, and hopefully to have back-up cash to help them through the next academic year when their student funds begin to dwindle down to the brown pennies.

There's no denying that looking for summer work can be problematic for some depending on where you live, but can be quite lucrative for those who willingly put themselves into a position where they can easily secure short-term high paying jobs.

It can be difficult to prove yourself as a student as there is a common misconception that students are lazy and incompetent when it comes to work ethics. Even former students tend to forget what student poverty was like. But some companies do depend on a student work force. For certain positions it is an advantage being a student. Who else would wear a red baseball cap to work for four years?!
Working as a McDonald's crew member has a stigma attached to it. Many people, especially other students, think this job is demeaning and embarrassing. For some reason the same does not apply to working for Subway or other fast food outlets even though they are essentially the same! A way round this is to work for a McDonald's in a neighbouring town; this will give you a degree of anonymity. The jibes for working at McDonald's are unjustified; it is a job like any other and even pays slightly above the national average. The only downfall is the smell of fat on your clothes that proves impossible to get rid of but you would have the same problem working in Marks & Spencer's canteen. McDonald's employs a high percentage of students and therefore are very generous with the flexibility of their working hours, and if you're going to be staying around the area during term-time they would more than likely be delighted to offer you the hours you require. It was possible for me to choose which hours I wanted to work (within reason), for example I would not be given all the best shifts i.e. not the 6 a.m. starts or the 11pm finishes.

Perk: Ever looked up at the menu and wondered what to have to eat? You are usually entitled to a free meal of your choice according to the hours you work so you get fed for free (thus saving money) plus you get to try out the whole menu, should you want to. The amount of food you are allowed varies from franchise to franchise.
Agencies are a pot of gold to students, especially for vacation periods; they supply temporary workers to all kinds of companies and this is an ideal marriage for those looking for summer work and even Christmas work. Call center work tends to be the higher paid type of work they have. Don't be put off by the idea that you will be answering complaints all day, sometimes it can be receiving pleasant queries or helping with a technical problem, and the working conditions tend to be pleasant especially if it is a larger company. The other benefit is that nowadays call centers are open long hours, giving students the opportunity to work shift hours, late in the day or very early, making it compatible with working while studying, and therefore providing year round income. Students are sought after in this type of work as most people (non students) would rather work daytime hours.
Flight Attendant
Another accessible summer job is that of a flight attendant. Despite all the 'trolley dolly' jokes that you will hear for the rest of your life, pay no heed as this is an excellent source of funds, should you be eligible. Forget the adage that you must be flawlessly beautiful for this role and speak 5 languages, those days are gone, and in its place are low-fares airlines all vying to get their hands on the best recruits. This job will not be available to everyone; aviation law states that you must be 18 or over to fly, and most airlines will look favourably upon those who have previous training. This job is ideal though if you are a mature student (or over 18) and have skills in other areas like customer service, first aid, child care, etc. To do this job will take determination as the stakes are high, interviews are particular, and don't be fooled, this is a highly demanding, responsible job and serving tea and coffee is only the cheesy part that the passengers see. Be prepared for lots of intense study, dressing smartly and having lots of fun. Research is an absolute must before applying as many people flunk the interview by incorrectly answering the first question, which is invariably "What do you believe the role of the cabin crew is?"

This is undoubtedly the best job I have ever done; there is great camaraderie among crew and you will encounter situations that will provide stories that will keep friends and family entertained for years to come, plus you get the possibility of staying in hotels around the globe, free or cheap holidays. Only the reliable may apply. Apply early (some recruiting starts in January for the summer) If you make it the rewards are great, at worst, expect to earn upwards of £1100 a month. This job would also suit students who have finished studying and looking for a stop gap before deciding what to do.

Perk: even though the drinking is restricted around working hours, you will find the most entertaining drinking buddies that may last a lifetime. Enough said!
The usual jobs available to students are those which are mundane and/or repetitive. Try data input where all you may have to do is put six digit numbers into a computer and then press return for 8 hours a day. Usually, only very basic p.c. skills are necessary. Packing is always readily available through employment agencies too, though it may entail working through the night. Fortunately most employers will recognize the difficulty in maintaining sanity in this type of work and may allow you to bring your i-pod to work to keep you awake as long as it doesn't prevent you from performing or cause you to annoy others by your singing.

It is tough finding work you like, but if you are persistent and don't limit what you are willing to do the options are great. Willingness to move around the country and even abroad can prove unequaled prospects. Try the Republic of Ireland where English is spoken and there is still a shortage of willing people to do most jobs, and it can cost you as little as £40 pounds to fly home from your local airport if you book in advance. Though the cost of living in Dublin is high, the wages reflect this and there are so many possibilities to house share with like minded students.

The key is to apply early and don't wait until you have finished term. This just means you will be up against thousands of other students who look for work at the same time. Just because you are a student it doesn't mean you should be poor or jobless. The work is out there it just takes a little bit of work to find them. What your parents say is true; it's your job to find a job.

Rebecca Frederick

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