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Part Time And Holiday Jobs

Getting A Job - A Diary By Merren Hoy
Its Christmas and as a student that only means one thing. I need to get a Christmas job. I have to get some income in and I am willing to lower my standards to achieve this!

Although I admit I started a bit late on the search, which means that all of the trustworthy retail shops that recruit extra staff over Christmas have done their recruiting, I am having to think harder of where I am going to get a job.
Getting Started
As a student myself, I am all too aware of the challenges we face when it comes to seeking employment.

30th November

Today I am beginning my search for a job, which means going around the shops in my home town. And I have no luck - there aren't that many signs around and the ones that are say that they already have all the staff they need. Why don't they take down the sign then? It would stop us wasting each other's time.

8th December

Some of my hard work has paid off. Although it isn't actually a job and is on a very casual basis, I am just glad that its something. I have signed up with various agencies that supply mystery shoppers to the companies that request them. I have gone through all of the assessment stages, which took me the best part of an afternoon as some areas were actually quite tricky. I still need to keep looking though.

11th, 12th December

I've decided that the internet may be a good bet. I can search through many different sites and can often apply through email, making the process quicker. I start my search at the jobcentre website. There is a slight flaw to this idea as they don't advertise Christmas jobs and I somehow doubt that temporary means as little as a month.

However I do find some jobs that I think I would be able to do and the pay isn't too bad. There is a customer service advisor paying £6 per hour and working 5 days a week. It is also a temporary role, which is a bonus. The other is an events steward where I would be working at my local stadium helping people to their seats and assisting them in any way that I can. How often I could work would depend on how many and often matches or events take place. The pay is £5.05 per hour. There are also various cleaners roles but I can't motivate myself to find out about more these jobs, I know that I am desperate, but I am hoping that I don't have to resort to this kind of thing yet.

I try various other sites that target more students and graduates. I found that these sites are more focused on what I would like to do and it is essential that I enjoy my job even if it is for about 4 weeks. There are some ones that seem really interesting and fun like working for Bacardi breezer, wouldn't that be fun? But sadly they have all the staff they need for Christmas. I'll carry on looking...


It's now February and I was one of the unlucky ones that didn't manage to get a Christmas job. I was just too late in the search. Although I do still need to get a job, even a weekend one would be good to do alongside my studies. During the Christmas search I signed up to job hunting websites and whereby if you specify what you are after they will send any matches directly to your inbox.

Since then I have been using the websites to find a job via the emails. Some claim that you can earn thousands of pounds in your spare time, but I have always been a bit suspicious of them. There are promising ones and through the websites I have applied for about ten jobs over the last couple months. A few have led to been contacted by them but the location wasn't right, which is a shame as they seemed quite keen but they will keep me on there records for if anything else turns up. But for now I will continue with my hunt to find a job.

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