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A Cookbook For Student Job Hunters

29 Jan 2015

In case you haven’t heard of it, IFTTT can be a very useful weapon in many areas of life – and the team over there has just produced something which is particularly useful for anyone looking for student jobs…


(Apologies if you came here looking for food, it’s not going to be that sort of cookbook, sorry. But, if you’re hungry, you could always head over to the Student Food & Recipes area of our Google+ Community for some hunger-bursting ideas.)


IFTTT stands for ‘IF This Then That’ and it’s all about connecting the various apps, social media channels and other services which you use everyday. The general idea is that: IF something happens on THIS service, THEN it will (auto-magically) do something you want on THAT another service.IFTTT


For example, you can connect your Instagram to your Dropbox so that any images you send to the first are automatically saved and backed up to the cloud on the second. Or you can use IFTTT to automatically update your Twitter profile pic as soon as you change your Facebook profile pic.


It all might sound a bit techy and geeky, but it really can be very useful indeed! (Incidentally, if you are a bit geeky and are wondering how to pronounce IFTTT, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s like “gift” – but without the “g” – but you probably already knew that).


Each of the connections between a channel like Facebook and a channel like Twitter is called a recipe by IFTTT. And, at the time of writing the list of channels which you can activate to mix together and make recipes is over 160 and growing. As well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Dropbox, other channels on IFTTT include everyday services like Email, Gmail, Evernote, Craigslist, eBay, Feedly, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Pocket, Soundcloud, WordPress and YouTube. (Here is a full and up-to-date list of all the IFTTT channels you can use.)


You can activate the Android Location channel for your Android device and set your phone to automatically mute itself when you get to the lecture room (for example). Or, you can even activate a Weather channel and connect it to your phone via SMS so you’ll get a text reminding you to take your brolly out with you if rain is forecast!


But…how can all of this interconnectivity actually help you find a student job?


Well, one of the channels you can activate on IFTTT is LinkedIn, so you can leverage that for your job search by connecting it to other services and make them work to your advantage.


But it isn’t just LinkedIn that’s useful by any means…


Here are five of our favourite recipe ideas from the IFTTT collection for job seekers:


Get New LinkedIn Job Suggestions Into A Google Drive Spreadsheet

IFTTT Recipe: Add new job suggestions to a spreadsheet in Google Drive connects linkedin to google-drive

Set Up A Weekly Reminder To Look For New Student Jobs

IFTTT Recipe: Set up weekly reminders to look for new jobs connects date-time to ios-notifications

A Weekly Digest Of Top Redditt Job Posts Every Monday Morning

IFTTT Recipe: A weekly digest of top posts via /r/jobs on Monday morning connects reddit to email-digest

Pro-tip: Change the source to the UK Jobs subreddit @ /r/UKJobs/ (or even the London jobs subreddit @r/london_forhire)

Get Inboxed With New Job Openings From Companies You Follow On LinkedIn

IFTTT Recipe: Get new job opportunities from the companies you follow on LinkedIn in your inbox connects linkedin to email

Invite New iPhone Contacts To Connect On LinkedIn

IFTTT Recipe: Invite my new iPhone contacts to connect on LinkedIn connects ios-contacts to linkedin

If that’s whetted your appetite then why not check out all of the time-saving and organisational recipes in the IFTTT cookbook for job seekers? Click the image below to see the full list of IFTTT job hunting recipes which can super-charge your student job search!

Job Seeker Tools

The IFTTT app is also available on iOS and Android, so you can get it from the App Store or Google Play.

Android app on Google Play

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