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Ideas for Summer Jobs

28 Dec 2011

Do you know what you want to do in the Summer? We advertise loads of vacancies on the site,  ranging from doing hospitality work to working in summer camps to working abroad. We also have a number of articles giving more info on what other types of jobs you can apply for, but we also wanted to just throw out a few more ideas for you:

a) Work at a Summer Camp. Jobs include counsellor jobs, activity leader jobs, and other sport roles. Summer camps can be in the UK or aborad – specifically in Europe or in the USA

Summer Jobs

b) Work at resorts and holiday destinations. Ranging from entetainment work, to bar staff, customer service positions and as holiday reps

c) Work at campsites. Over the Summer hundreds of campaistes acrss the UK and Europe require staff. Anything from cleaning, to entertainment, to customer service, bar, and kitchen work.

d) Tutoring. Not necessarily just for the Summer, but in the holidays lots of children need tutoring and there are loads of companies that want more students on their books.

e) Childrens Entertainers. Sounds a bit out there, and a lot of people might think it’s not for them, but again, there are companies that offer flexible well paid work, especially over the Summer holidays

f) Marquee Companies. The Summer is their busy season and this is when they need staff. Putting up marquees is hard work, but it pays well, you can be there with a good bunch of people and it can help pay the bills.

g) Olympics 2012. Ok, so this is just for next year, but the Olympics is going to give jobs to tens of thousands of people. From G4S recruiting security staff, to customer service, to bar and waiting and general hospitality – there’s loads of jobs available!

h) Theme parks. This is when they are busiest – and need most staff. THORPE PARK in Surrey recruits 1000′s of seasonal staff, and that’s just one place. Other places like Alton Towers and Chessington  World of Adventures need masses of people as well. Find out more about theme park jobs here.

These are just some ideas  - let us know if you have any others, and check out our summer jobs page for more information and ideas on what you could be doing for a Summer job.

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