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6 Things to Know Before You Start an Apprenticeship

14 Feb 2021

Today brings us to the end of National Apprenticeship Week 2021. We’ve shared tips, advice and stories all about apprenticeships so maybe you are now considering whether or not an apprenticeship is right for you, but still have a few questions. Well, here are 6 things you may wish to know before embarking on your apprenticeship journey.

1. Be Organised With Your Search

An apprenticeship is just like a normal job, and that means there is competition. Unlike university, where there are hundreds of spaces up for grabs on a course, there may be less for an apprenticeship scheme (depending on the business of course). Being organised can be hugely beneficial. Make sure you keep an eye out for when roles open and close and take note of this. There is no worse feeling than looking for a job you saw yesterday, only to realise it is gone.

2. Don’t Limit Your Options

You may also surprise yourself when you find just how many apprenticeship schemes are available. From the range of businesses offering them, to the subjects you can do, the list is growing. You may aspire to work for a certain company, but it is sensible to apply for other apprenticeships too, so you don’t leave yourself short if you don’t manage to land your top choice. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Find a good selection of schemes to apply for and be sure to put 110% into every application, even if they are the 2nd option.

3. Ask Questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If there is anything you are unsure about, whether it be whilst you are applying, during and interview or your induction, be sure that anything you are unsure about is answered.

This could be anything from the structure of the course/training you will be on, any bursaries you may be entitled to or having a work sports team you can get involved in. You want to be getting the most out of an apprenticeship and chances are you are in this for the long run. It can also help you when it comes to comparing and contrasting apprenticeships against one another. Find someone to contact and don’t be shy when it comes to getting in touch.

4. Travel

Be sure you check what the travel arrangements will be when you start an apprenticeship. Will you be driving, utilising public transport or even using transport provided by your employer? It can be good to look at this and factor the time and cost of travel to and from work as it can all add up. What’s also important too, is to look at where your training/course will be taught; your employer may be based 20 minutes down the road, but the college/university you are travelling to may be 90 minutes in the other direction. This is something similar to what our National Apprenticeship Week Podcast guest, Ollie, experienced in his apprenticeship. Linking to the previous point, if this information is not clear in the job description, be sure to ask!

5. The Benefits & Student Discount

Being an apprentice means you are entitled to the benefits that regular employees at the business are. But, being enrolled with a college, and sometimes a training provider, you may be entitled to student discount. Everyone loves a discount, and with numerous retailers and restaurants offering students money off purchases, it can help to make your money stretch further than your non-apprentice employees.

6. They Are Just More Than ‘An Alternative’

Apprenticeships are often perceived as an alternative route to higher education, especially university. However, they are so much more than that, they are a credible option for anyone. You get so much out of an apprenticeship, as you can often get the perfect balance between experience and qualifications. What’s more, is you are starting your carer from day 1 of your apprenticeship. Especially when you could get a paid to earn a degree from an apprenticeship, it is certainly worthwhile to look at a degree and university side-by-side.

One thing is for certain, you won’t regret taking the decision to start an apprenticeship!

Start Your Apprenticeship Search

If you’re ready to take the jump and start an apprenticeship, have a look at some great opportunities here and rest assured that you are on your way to starting a fantastic career.

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