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5 Things You Get Out Of Apprenticeships

16 Mar 2018

Interested in a career in business? Find out what you could get out of an apprenticeship at EY.

1. Get paid – and earn recognised qualifications
Apprenticeships give you the chance to earn while you learn, gaining a nationally recognised qualification. And a degree apprenticeship means you could get a full bachelor’s or master’s degree while you work.

2. Get experience – and skills you can take with you
An apprenticeship gives you hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of your role, but you’re not tied to that job for life. Your role will evolve as you do – and the skills you learn on our digital degree apprenticeships for example, whilst aligned to a specific apprenticeship standard, are transferrable.
EY Apprenticeships
3. Get qualified – a year faster than graduates
The experience you get as part of the EY Business Apprenticeship will help fast-track you to qualifying in your chosen profession. EY apprentices can qualify a year before uni graduates.

4. Get friends for life – with a strong support network
Study with people from all around the UK – and work with people at all stages in their career. With organised social events, societies and groups, there are lots of opportunities to make friends and expand your network.

5. Go global – work for clients around the world
An apprenticeship can take you places! EY has offices in over 150 countries and works with clients around the world. Former apprentice Drew is off on secondment to Chicago, and Jess gets to support global clients from home.
EY Apprenticeship
We’re looking for go-getters – is that you?
An apprenticeship can lead you to a professional career – fast. Start your career in one of our four business areas:

- Assurance. Give clients a reliable voice on their financial accounting, processes and reporting.

- Consulting. Help clients solve a broad variety of complex problems so their businesses can reach their potential.

- Tax. Help clients understand the constantly-changing tax landscape around the world and pay the right tax at the right time.

- Transactions. Help clients buy, sell and merge with other organisations to improve their future competitiveness.

Kickstart your career today – learn more about apprenticeships at EY.

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