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UK To Serve Up 6,000 New Hospitality Jobs For Young People

26 Sep 2014

UK To Serve Up 6,000 New Hospitality Jobs For Young People

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) says that over 6,000 hospitality jobs will be created for young people aged between 16 and 24 before we see out the end of this year.

With over 900,000 NEETS (young people not in education, employment or training) in the UK, BHA and employers in the hospitality sector are trying to persuade the youth of Britain to come and work in the industry.

BHA estimate that, in total, over 300,000 UK hospitality jobs could be created in the next five or six years, and that around 1 in 5 of the new jobs could be earmarked for young people under the age of 25. If the estimates prove correct then there could be a potential 60,000 jobs for young people created by the hospitality sector before 2020.

Chief Executive Officer of the British Hospitality Association, Ufi Ibrahim, said: “Hospitality is a successful industry with even greater growth prospects offering a vast range of job opportunities for all job seekers of any age. However, there are still widespread misconceptions amongst many outside the industry who don’t see the value in hospitality careers. We urge young people to look beyond outdated viewpoints and join our industry. The breadth of job roles and the training available means that bright and focused young people can succeed very quickly.”

As well as the most immediate target of 6,000 hospitality jobs for young people before the end of 2014, the BHA says that a further 54,000 full and part time vacancies could be created in the sector for young people during 2015 and 2016 as the industry continues to expand rapidly.

Encouraging young people to take up full or part time jobs in the hospitality sector, Ready Steady Cook chef Brian Turner, enthused: “Starting out as a young trainee and learning the ropes from people full of experience is a fantastic way to start your career and it’s a real gateway to the world. For anyone who likes working with people and has a strong work ethic, there is no limit to the opportunities available - and, what's more, it’s fun!”

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