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All You Need To Know About Sales & Telesales Apprenticeships

Introduction To Sales Apprenticeships
What do you know about selling? Do you think you could persuade someone to buy a product or a service from a company you work for? Could you do this face to face or over the phone? Sales jobs can prove to be extremely lucrative careers for the right types of people. Not only do you get a set salary but, if you manage to reach regular targets even trainee sales jobs can earn you good commission on top of that salary. The best way to learn about how to succeed in this career could be by way of doing Sales Apprenticeships.

In the past, sales representatives have had a bad reputation; especially door to door salespeople, pushing their products onto people. But being successful in sales jobs is not about pushing goods and services onto people. It is about helping the company you work for succeed by building relationships, finding new customers and looking after their needs whilst also meeting - sometimes tough - sales targets on a regular basis. There is a lot to learn about being successful in sales jobs and Sales Apprenticeships will equip you with the skills you need as well as teach you about the subtleties of the role.

Of course, the fantastic aspect about all Apprenticeships, whichever type you decide to do, is the fact that you receive structured training, a wage and you will also be awarded nationally recognised qualifications at the end. This means you can continue your career elsewhere, if you decide to move on, or you can continue to the next level in the Apprenticeship process.

Virgin Media


18 month Level 3 Bid & Proposal Co-ordinator Apprenticeship

Interested in winning large, Wholesale customers for Virgin Media Business? Want to continue studying, learning and working towards professional qualifications? Join us on our Bid & Proposal Co-ordinator Apprenticeship Scheme and you can do both.

Requirements - 5 GCSEs including Maths and English A*-C (level 4-9) or level 2 apprenticeship (or equivalent).

Direct Line Group

Doncaster and Leeds

2 Year Sales & Service Apprenticeship

As well as gaining on-the-job experience within our customer sales and service team, you will achieve Level 3 Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualifications in General Insurance and Customer Service.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, you will secure a permanent, full-time position – subject to your performance and completion of studies.

Royal Mail

London, Yorkshire, Oxford, Manchester, Bristol

3 Year B2B Sales Professional (Bachelor’s Degree) Apprenticeship

Become an expert in business to business Sales and work towards a degree. Use your judgement, critical thinking, and your insights to manage valuable business accounts, support large teams and deliver solutions for our customers.

On this 3 Year programme you will immediately start working towards your bachelor degree in B2B Sales. We will help you develop as a professional and as an individual with expert mentoring and a mix of theoretical and on the job learning.

5 GCSE's graded C (Level 4) or above, including maths and English, and 2 A levels with relevant IT skills are required for the degree apprenticeship.

How Do Sales Apprenticeships Work?
Without sales staff, businesses would fail so whether you are doing sales assistant jobs or sales manager jobs, it is your responsibility to keep the money coming in for that business. Sales Apprenticeships will vary greatly depending on your employer and the nature of the business you are working for. Don’t worry, though. You will still be awarded those nationally recognised qualifications at the end so that you can work in a variety of sectors in the future.

The skills you learn whilst doing Sales Apprenticeships will mean you will be equipped to be a versatile employee at the end and you can take your career in various directions in the future.

Whilst doing Apprenticeships in Sales, you could be working in a call centre doing telesales jobs. You might want to search out Apprenticeship jobs in a sales environment that matches your passion. For example, if you love cars and the car industry, you might find success doing car sales Apprenticeships. If you are the sporty type, Sales Apprenticeships in fitness centres as a membership advisor could suit you. If you love fashion, then sales assistant jobs could be your ideal type of Sales Apprenticeships.

Whilst you will pick up skills particular to your industry, trainee sales jobs by way of the Apprenticeships route will teach you the fundamentals of the role that you can go on to apply elsewhere, in the future.

For Sales And Telesales Apprenticeships, there are two levels: Intermediate Level (Level 2) and Advanced Level (Level 3).
Intermediate Level Sales Apprenticeships
Intermediate Level Sales Apprenticeships are where it all begins, where you will be doing trainee sales jobs. You will learn important skills such as:
  • Delivering quality customer service
  • How to plan your time so that you can meet targets
  • Complying with legal requirements specific to your role and also the ethical requirements
Depending on the industry you are working in and the types of sales jobs you are doing, you will also choose an appropriate pathway so that you can specialise further.

On successful completion of Level 2 Sales Apprenticeships, you will be awarded:
  • Level 2 NVQ in Sales & Telesales
  • Functional Skills Maths & English Level 1
  • Employment Rights & Responsibilities
Advanced Level Sales Apprenticeships
If you are in sales jobs and you want to take your career to the next level, Advanced Level Sales Apprenticeships will help you get there. You could do roles in more senior positions such as sales manager jobs or team leader roles in telesales jobs. At this level, sales manager Apprenticeships will teach you more about:
  • Analysing competitor information
  • Making sales proposals and presentations
  • Networking
  • Performance management
  • Online selling
  • Generating and following up on leads
  • Analysing buyer behaviour
  • Assessing the credit status of customers
On successful completion of Level 3 Sales and Telesales Apprenticeships, you will be awarded:
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Sales
  • Level 3 Technical Certificate in Principles of Sales
  • Functional Skills Maths & English Level 2
  • Employment Rights & Responsibilities
Future Career Development After Sales And Telesales Apprenticeships
There is a common misconception amongst some young people that doing Apprenticeships means you are stuck in that same career for the rest of your life. But Apprenticeships are so useful because they actually equip you with lots of transferable skills that you can adapt to other career paths as well if that is what you want to do. And Sales Apprenticeships, in particular, can set the ball rolling for you in a whole host of careers. After all, you could be doing trainee sales jobs in a variety of sectors.

If you want to progress your sales career to more senior sales manager jobs, if you have the qualifications requested by a given company, you could consider Higher Apprenticeships or Degree Apprenticeships. There are also many other related qualifications that are possible; Sales Professional qualifications at Level 4 and above. After Intermediate or Advanced Apprenticeships in Sales, some people also choose to move into marketing or business administration roles.
Apply For Sales Apprenticeships In The UK
So do you think you have the drive and determination to succeed in the world of sales? Could you do sales assistant jobs, sales manager jobs, car sales apprenticeships or be successful in telesales jobs? If you think you can build a rapport with customers and meet sales targets on a regular basis, take a look to see if there are any current vacancies in your area to suit you. You could soon be on your way to a rewarding and lucrative career.

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