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Apprenticeships in Hairdressing

Hairdressing Apprenticeships
Let's take a look at what is involved in hairdressing apprenticeships. Whatever your situation - no previous work experience, Saturday jobs in hairdressers shampooing hair and passing rollers, or informal training in a hairdressing salon - if you have made the decision to do take on hairdressing apprenticeships, the good news is you will be receiving standardised, nationally recognised qualifications. This means that, in the future, when you apply for other hairdressing jobs, your future employer knows exactly what training you have done and what you have achieved. You will have all the necessary, relevant skills to take on your hairdressing career. And, if you are thinking about working overseas in the future, hairdressing jobs abroad could be easier to come by because your qualifications are also internationally recognised.
What Will I Learn When I Do Apprenticeships In Hairdressing?
It is down to you - and how far you want to take your hairdressing career - to decide how much you learn about your industry during your hairdressing apprenticeships. You can see in more detail below about what is involved in the different levels of apprenticeships but, in short, there are these options:
  • Intermediate Hairdressing Apprenticeship - this qualifies you to NVQ Level 2
  • Advanced Apprenticeship - this qualifies you to NVQ Level 3
  • Level 4 - This level is for those who really want to take their hairdressing careers all the way and qualify for, amongst other things, hairdressing assessor jobs or hairdressing lecturer jobs.
Where Can I Do Hairdressing Apprenticeships?
Although you are learning a set of standardised skills and gaining the same qualifications, there are different routes you can take to complete hairdressing apprenticeships. London, for example, could give you more route options than smaller towns and cities, but, wherever you are based, you should be able to find apprenticeships in hairdressing without too much difficulty. All apprenticeships are about earning while you learn and, while your wage might not be too high while you are training, you are setting yourself up for a more fruitful career in the future.

For some hairdressing apprenticeships, you might be given a set of hair salons to choose from who are affiliated to your college or training centre. If you have been doing part time hairdressing jobs or Saturday jobs, for example, at your local salon, maybe they could take you on as an apprentice. With all apprenticeships in hairdressing, the aim is to get you into full time jobs, and many apprentices stay on as qualified stylists with their employers on completion of their course. If there is no opening available for you, your training centre or salon will do their best to help you into another role.

Salon-based Apprenticeships In Hairdressing
As we said above, where you are based - and the types of colleges and training centres you live close to - could determine which route you take towards hairdressing jobs. Some hairdressing apprenticeships will see you working full time in a salon with no day release to college. This does not mean you are completely on your own, however, so no need to worry. You will be visited on a regular basis by a qualified mentor from your training centre and you do your written modules via online portals where there will also be additional support for you. This could be in the form of video support and updates about what is happening in the hairdressing industry. Of course, your employer and other senior staff will be helping and training you on a daily basis, too.

Apprenticeships In Hairdressing Academies
Some of the more well known, famous hairdressing names on the high streets of the United Kingdom often have their own hairdressing training academies. If you live close to one of these academies, you could do your apprenticeship with them, learning your skills in their training salons, and, if you are lucky enough, you could even accompany the hairdressing teams to fashion shows and other events where the company may be in charge of styling hair. You will still complete all the necessary modules required to be awarded your level of apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships in Hairdressing With Day Release
Some colleges and training centres will offer courses where hairdressing apprenticeships are completed with day release in the classroom once a week. For four days a week, you will do hairdressing jobs in a salon, and then, once a week, you will go to college to fine tune skills and complete modules necessary to be awarded your qualifications.
How Long Do Hairdressing Apprenticeships Take?
Each level of apprenticeships in hairdressing generally takes anywhere between 12 and 18 months to complete. This can depend on your skill level, the speed at which you progress and whether you are doing part time hairdressing jobs or you are working full time.

Hairdressing apprenticeships are a minimum 30 hour working week and, also, if you are an apprentice under the age of 18, your working hours cannot exceed 40 hours per week. Be aware that hairdressing jobs can involve a lot of evening and weekend work so you need to be prepared to be flexible. For example, the Christmas and New Year periods will be busy; if you are working in a salon that dresses people’s hair for shows, then you might be required to take part; summer periods can be busy for weddings; and of course, hairdressing jobs will definitely involve weekend work.
What Are The Different Levels Of Hairdressing Apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships in hairdressing are designed to make sure you become a competent hairdresser, with not only the practical skills to cut, dress and colour hair but also transferable skills that help you be an effective member of the hairdressing team within the workplace.

Of course, you can choose to take your apprenticeship further if you want to perfect your skills and do perhaps more lucrative hairdressing jobs. For example, you could have set your sights on hairdressing jobs in London at one of the capital’s top salons. For other top salon hairdressing jobs, Glasgow, Manchester and other bigger cities in the United Kingdom could also be where you are considering.

During your apprenticeship, as well as the relevant hands-on training you will receive (and subsequent formal qualifications) you will also gain an awareness of employment laws, and, if they are not already to the required level, develop your literacy and numeracy skills. Let’s take a look at the different levels of hairdressing apprenticeships:
Intermediate Apprenticeships In Hairdressing - NVQ Level 2
The Intermediate apprenticeships in hairdressing are where your apprenticeships career begins. For hairdressing apprenticeships, Manchester salons and academies could give you a completely different experience to salons in smaller towns, for example, but you will still be learning the same skills which are nationally recognised. That’s the beauty of doing an apprenticeship. During the 12 to 18 month period of successful completion of Intermediate Apprenticeships in hairdressing, you will achieve NVQ Level 2 and you will cover:

The basics of hairdressing or barbering:You will train as a junior stylist and gain experience by assisting the more senior members of staff. If you have had part time hairdressing jobs in the past, maybe you are already familiar with some of these skills so this could make your learning faster. Intermediate Level skills will include:
  • Consulting with clients about the best hair treatments for them
  • Shampooing, conditioning and scalp treatments
  • Basic haircutting techniques
  • Basic hair colour changes and how to test for possible allergies to hair colour
  • Styling and finishing hair
  • Dressing hair (such as plaiting)
  • Perming and neutralising hair
  • Working on reception - booking appointments and dealing with customers, taking payments by cash and credit cards

Portfolio of assessments and observations: By the end of your apprenticeship you will have a complete portfolio of your assessments and observations and the skills you have learnt. Depending on where you do apprenticeships in hairdressing, assessments and observations can either take place in the actual salon where you are are employed or at your college or training centre.

Functional English Level 1 and Functional Maths Level 1: If academic learning at school wasn’t your thing, this is your chance to get your literacy and numeracy skills up to scratch so you can further your career. Communication with customers, cash handling and working out ratios for mixing hair colours are all big parts of hairdressing jobs, so these are valuable qualifications to have under your belt.

Awareness of regulations within the hair and beauty industry: Apprenticeships in hairdressing are not just about learning how to cut, colour and dress hair. You will also learn about workplace regulations so that you are aware of health and safety within the salon and the bigger picture around your career choice.
Advanced Apprenticeships In Hairdressing - NVQ Level 3
If you really want to drive your hairdressing career forward, aim high and develop the basic skills you have learned during your Level 2 Intermediate Hairdressing Apprenticeship, it is then possible to move on to the Advanced Apprenticeships in Hairdressing. Again, Level 3 hairdressing apprenticeships are a nationally recognised qualification which take 12 to 18 months to complete. On successful completion of Advanced Hairdressing Apprenticeships, you will achieve NVQ Level 3. You must have Level 2 before you can move on to Level 3.

By the end of Advanced Apprenticeships in Hairdressing, you will have all the tools and experience to be a senior stylist in the hairdressing salon. Hairdressing jobs could also be assistant managerial roles, or, if you are more entrepreneurial, you could even go self-employed.

In some areas of the United Kingdom, if your local college or training academy offers the course, there is also the option of progressing to a Level 4 NVQ after completing your advanced apprenticeship. This is useful for those of you who might want to do management, sales and marketing around the hairdressing industry, hairdressing lecturer jobs or hairdressing assessor jobs in the future.

During the 12 to 18 months of your Level 3 NVQ, you will learn about:

More creative hairdressing techniques:You will become a senior stylist in the salon and learn:
  • Creative haircutting techniques and consulting with clients to offer more bespoke cutting and styling of hair
  • Creative styling and dressing techniques
  • Colouring hair and also colour correction

More effective salon management: You will learn about promoting additional relevant products to clients and also learn about the general running of the salon so that, if you want, you could run your own salon in the future.

Health and safety and regulations: Advanced Apprenticeships in Hairdressing allow you to build on the basics you learned during your Level 2 apprenticeship so that you can pass on your advice to junior stylists and also monitor the workplace to make sure everyone is working safely and using correct techniques. You will also become more aware of your employment rights and responsibilities.

Functional English Level 2 and Functional Maths Level 2: Again, this is building from what you learned in your Intermediate Apprenticeship in Hairdressing. If you are looking to take on more responsibilities within the salon where you are employed - or even go into management - these are key skills to have.
Apply For Hairdressing Apprenticeship Jobs
If a hairdressing apprenticeship sounds interesting then be aware that you need to look the part and have great communication skills. Still sound good? Apply for apprenticeships in hairdressing from across the UK below.
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