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A Guide To Graduate Construction Project Management Jobs

About Graduate Construction Project Management Jobs
For graduates with relevant qualifications and skills, graduate construction jobs can be a great option and project manager graduate jobs in this sector will be hugely rewarding for the right person.

Construction project management jobs can be challenging and stressful but there is also much job satisfaction when you see a project completed. Project manager jobs mean you will be part of a project right from the moment an idea is put in action to become a reality and you will stay with the assignment right through to completion.

Who is the person who makes sure builders, engineers, plumbers, electricians are on site and working in the right places at the right time? Who is the person who makes sure everyone is working within safety guidelines? Who is the person who makes sure everything is running to schedule, deliveries are being made, budgets are being met? Yes, you guessed it. This is the responsibility of those in projector manager jobs and there are more responsibilities besides.

Depending on the size of the construction you are working on, you could be working alone as the sole project manager or, for bigger projects, you could be working as part of a team, overseeing different areas, depending on your specialisms.

Because there is so much responsibility with construction project manager jobs, rather than being thrown in at the deep end, project manager graduate schemes and other junior project manager jobs will see you working as an assistant to more senior members of the team. This will help you get a feel for the role and also broaden your understanding of the work involved so that you can further develop your career.
What Are The Different Types Of Graduate Construction Project Manager Jobs?
Project manager graduate jobs come in different shapes and sizes. When you first graduate, depending on the degree you have done, you could have already had some experience doing assistant site manager jobs as a placement as part of your course.

In other placements, you may have worked with, or witnessed the work of, those in construction project management whilst you have built up experience in other areas of the construction site. Many of those who eventually move into project manager jobs have degree backgrounds or experience in other trades and professions. This can be beneficial because you would have first hand experience of people’s roles and realistic expectations of what you are asking of people.

If you are looking to go straight into project manager jobs from graduation then some large construction or engineering firms could have places available for project manager graduate schemes. These will give you the opportunity to work with more senior members of the team and learn from them.

For those of you who are interested in working overseas, international construction firms often have opportunities and you can gain some experience doing graduate project manager jobs abroad.
What Do Employers Look for In Their Candidates?
It takes a particular type of person to be effective in graduate project manager jobs. This career is not for everybody. If you are keen on this type of career, let’s take a look at some of things potential employers could be looking for from you when you apply for roles.
  • Can you demonstrate time management skills? Project manager jobs need you to be able to predict timescales for particular tasks and ensure that delivery is met within that time.
  • Can you demonstrate excellent communication skills? Project management graduate jobs will need you to be able to consult with clients, explaining to them where the project is up to. You will also need to be able to communicate with workers and other professionals on the site, making adjustments and giving guidance where necessary.
  • Have you got top notch organisational skills? As well as time management, your organisational skills will help towards your success in project manager jobs. People in construction project management are excellent multitaskers.
  • Can you learn quickly? If you have a degree background in a relevant subject then you möay already be familiar with key technical terms and drawings. If your degree is in a subject unrelated to construction, then you will need to learn how to interpret technical drawings and the correct way to articulate instructions and communication with others.
  • Can you work under pressure and adapt to different situations? Especially in the UK, project manager graduate jobs in construction mean you could be affected by adverse weather situations. Prolonged bouts of rain mean your projects can fall behind schedule. You will need to be able to come up with solutions for situations such as this.
  • Can you create and manage a budget? Whether you are project manager on a private house or a large construction, your clients will need a budget. Once you have created that budget, project manager jobs will require you to meet that budget or make adjustments where necessary.
  • Can you motivate and manage people? If a project is falling behind schedule for whatever reason, if necessary building materials haven’t been delivered on time, if your team start to feel a bit demoralised, graduate project manager jobs will require you to be able to boost moral. It’s not about taking on all the responsibility for yourself, either. Being successful in construction project management is about delegating tasks to the right people so that projects are completed.
Make sure your CV and highlights any of these skills and examples.
What Is The Salary?
The graduate project manager salary compares well with the salaries of other types of graduate jobs. Assistant project manager jobs and project manager graduate schemes will have a lower salary until you gain more experience. However, this will still compare well to the salaries of other roles. Once you have moved into more senior positions and have membership of professional organisations such as APM (Association of Project Management) or further qualifications, construction project management roles can provide salaries in excess of £50 000. Some positions will also offer bonus packages and company vehicles.

If you are doing project manager jobs abroad, depending on the location, these positions could offer tax free salaries.
How Can I Progress My Career?
If you have been working in assistant project manager jobs, you can progress to senior project manager jobs where you could be heading a whole team of assistants. Some people choose to further their knowledge by doing MSc Construction Project Management.
Apply For Construction Project Manager Graduate Jobs In The UK
Project management graduate jobs are ideal for those of you who thrive from working under pressure. At the end of your project, you will often have the job satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to the development of towns and cities.

If you think you have got what it takes to succeed in graduate project manager jobs, take a look to see if there any roles to suit you. You could soon be on the path to a rewarding career.
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