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A Guide To Graduate Facilities Management Jobs

About Graduate Facilities Management Jobs
What is facility management? That’s a question that is often asked it is actually a broad term that can describe a whole range of activities. It is the job of the facilities manager to make sure businesses are functioning in the best way they possibly can do because the building they are in is completely fit for purpose.

The environment people are working in must be clean and safe and the facilities manager job description is to ultimately be accountable for that. This can be health and safety in the workplace, security staff and systems, catering facilities, parking facilities, equipment such as heating systems and air-conditioning, maintenance, cleaning, budgets, space allocation and space management.

Graduate facilities management jobs will suit those of you who are highly organised and who like to be hands on and see the results of your actions. For instance, you might be organising a big office move for a company. You can get great job satisfaction in seeing the employees of that company being happy with their new office space and the facilities that are in place for them to make their day at work more productive and pleasurable.

One of the advantages of graduate facilities management careers is that they are often primarily office based and office hours apply. There could be times when you are required to work extra hours if you are part of a large building project or a company relocation, for example, but generally, you will have evenings and weekends to yourself.
What Are The Different Types Of Graduate Facilities Management Jobs?
Graduate facilities management jobs will vary depending on the type of company you are working for and the types of properties that company looks after. Hard facilities management jobs are where your role will be concentrating on the physical aspects of buildings and maintenance whilst soft services facilities managements jobs are more people-centred.

There are different places where you could be working when doing graduate facilities management jobs.
  • Private property management - you could be working for a management company that services apartment blocks, making sure communal areas are clean and safe, security is effective and lifts are in working order.
  • Hotel facilities management jobs - Hotel and restaurant chains might have their own in house facilities management team or contract out to private companies. As well as refurbishing hotels and restaurants, you will also be responsible for ongoing maintenance.
  • Office and workplace facilities management graduate jobs - Some duties of a facility manager will be office and workplace moves and refurbishment.
  • Airport facilities management jobs - If you have an interest in travel, then airport facilities management jobs could be very rewarding. Safety and security for staff and thousands of passengers.
  • Graduate facilities management jobs with a focus on sustainability and being eco-friendly. These days, lots of companies are increasingly looking for ways to run their business in a more financially efficient and environmentally friendly way. If this is your passion, you could do graduate facilities management where you specialise in this type of work.

What do Employers Look For In Their Candidates?
Because the facilities manager job description can be so broad, employers could be looking for different skills and qualifications, depending on the nature of the role you are applying for.

Qualifications required for facilities management graduate jobs
For example, employers for some construction facilities management jobs might require you to have an engineering or other construction related background. For other facilities management careers, a degree in facilities management, business studies or finance could benefit you. For other graduate roles in this sector, as long as you can demonstrate good communication and leadership skills, employers may not ask for any particular degree background.

Skills required for graduate facilities management jobs
  • Communication skills - Facilities management jobs will require you to be able to communicate with a wide variety of people. As well as communicating instructions and suggestions to your team, facilities management is also about customer service.
  • Organisational skills - The varied nature of graduate facilities management jobs means you will often be dealing with many different tasks all at once.
  • Technical skills - For some facilities management jobs, particular technical skills may be required. A strength in STEM subjects would be an advantage in these cases.
  • Decision making and problem solving skills - There will be times in facilities management careers where all is not going according to plan with a particular project. You will need to be able to act fast to work out where the problems are and make decisions on how best to deal with them.
What Can I Expect As A Salary?
When it comes to graduate careers, the facilities management jobs salary compares well. At the beginning of your career, trainee facilities management jobs can pay around £25,000 - £30,000 per year. This will increase as you gain more experience and qualifications.
How Can I Progress In Graduate Facilities Management Careers?
After initial trainee facilities management jobs, in house training and also BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) or ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) can increase your salary and also help you to gain promotion. Facilities management supervisor jobs and eventual head of facilities management jobs could be yours.
Apply For Graduate Facilities Management Jobs In The UK
So, do you think you have got what it takes to wear many different hats within the space of one day? To offer excellent customer service, the create budgets, to deal with emergencies and communicate instructions to team members, to work within current legislation and keep yourself up to date with any changes in the law?

If you think you could succeed in graduate facilities management jobs and get great job satisfaction in seeing people using their space safely and effectively, take a look to see if there are any current opportunities to suit you. You could soon be on the way to exciting facilities management careers.

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