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Property And Real Estate Internships

Introduction to Property & Real Estate Internships. What are they?
Property and real estate internships are not just for those who want to sell houses. You might be surprised to discover that this industry is extremely varied and there is a whole range of careers that could be pursued in this sector.

The real estate sector employs millions of people all over the United Kingdom but there can be high competition for graduate jobs in some fields. Finding your best real estate internships to suit your skills can give you some valuable hands on experience of working in this industry and can help you on the path to your dream graduate career.

Who Can Apply For Property & Real Estate Internships?
Because this sector is so vast, property internships are open to undergraduates with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. Whether you want to specialise in residential properties or commercial, real estate internships can be done by undergraduates studying different types of degree.

If you are looking to go into more specialised roles then programmes with a focus on fields such as architecture, development and construction, surveying or design could be an option for you if you are studying relevant qualifications. If you have a strength with numbers, real estate finance internships might be an option.

Property internships which focus on areas such as rentals, sales, marketing and customer services would suit students reading for degrees in a range of subjects. So if you have a strong interest in property and real estate and think you would like to build a career in this field, these internship programmes could prove invaluable in helping you land future graduate jobs.

For property and real estate internships, London and other large cities around the UK can offer some of the top programmes and in the capital, property companies often receive many applications for one job. If you have undergone a period doing real estate internships, this can stand you in good stead for future graduate jobs.

What Are The Different Types of Property And Real Estate Internships?
Depending on your subject specialism or focus area, there are different types of internships for those who want to go into the property and real estate industry.

Some degree courses will require you to do spend a year doing industrial placements which will give you practical experience related to your degree. Real estate summer internships are very common with companies offering programmes where you will be given the opportunity to take part in a variety of projects. Other programmes can last for one year and some of the top real estate internships even come with accommodation or relocation support.

When Do I Apply For Property & Real Estate Internships?
Property programmes for undergraduates are run by many types of real estate companies and if you are looking to do internships, you need to be organised and know when the programmes begin with the companies that interest you. Some will have application deadlines and competition for places can be high in some fields so make sure you don’t miss out at this first stage.

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