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Construction Internships

Introduction To Construction Internships. What Are They?
‘Construction Internship’ is an umbrella term for all placements that could crop up within the construction industry.

There are many roles, responsibilities and professions that make up the construction sector and construction summer internships or industrial placements within your specialist area are designed to give you hands on experience of the workplace. On graduation, it can sometimes be difficult to land graduate construction jobs because, depending on your course, you might have the qualifications and the classroom experience but you don’t have the workplace experience to highlight on your CV.

Construction internships are all about getting you out there into the workplace or out on construction sites, taking part in real projects that build your skills. Some of these might be paid construction internships and you could be learning on the job and building your experience with some of the most well known construction companies in the world.

A further advantage of construction internships is, if the company you are doiğng your placement with is impressed with your skills and attitude then they might employ you on a full time basis once you graduate. Construction internships give you a great opportunity to network and get your face and name known so that you might be considered for future projects.

Who Can Apply For Construction Internships?
Because of the wide range of construction internships out there, undergraduates doing a variety of degrees can apply for summer construction internships and industrial placements. Depending on the area you want to work in in this sector, you will need to be studying relevant qualifications.

Construction management internships will suit undergraduates already studying in this field. If you are doing a degree in particular engineering subjects, finance and structural design, then construction internships could be for you. For project management, you need to be able to demonstrate excellent organisational and a communication skills.

What Are The Different Types Of Construction Internships?
Construction is much more than laying the bricks for a building. There are different placements you can do under the umbrella of ‘construction internships’ but whatever your specialism, you could find yourself liaising with one or more of the teams in other areas of this sector. It’s a team effort. For construction internships, UK companies and international firms offer placements.

Summer construction internships are common but there are also longer placements out there, especially if you are doing an industrial placement as part of your degree. Depending on your specialist area, you could be doing:

Internships for construction management, quantity surveyor internships, building surveying internships, structural engineering internships, civil engineering internships, cost management or facilities management.

When Do I Apply For Construction Internships?
It depends on the company you are applying to and the area you want to work in for the best times to apply for construction internships. If you are looking to do construction summer internships with particular companies, make sure you are aware of the application opening and closing dates so that you don’t miss out.

Summer construction internships and those over a longer period are often advertised with E4S. Take a look below to see if there are internships for construction management and placements in other areas that will suit you.

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