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If you have a good knowledge of Maths and a passion for helping other people learn, then why not those two things together and make a real difference to the world? With MathElf you can use your maths teaching skills to teach students in an online environment while earning money for yourself with hours that suit you.

MathElf is an educational technology (EdTech) firm based in San Francisco. They match good maths tutors with keen maths students via their iPhone and iPad apps. The company started out over a decade ago as an ‘in-home’ tutoring service for San Fran locals, but mushroomed globally when MathElf started to offer maths tutoring services online in 2014.

You can earn $20 an hour working from home if you sign up with MathElf, connecting remotely to students all over the planet. Their tutoring sessions take place in real-time within MathElf’s interactive whiteboard environment.

You’ll be paid weekly and can pick and choose flexible hours to balance your lifestyle and earnings in a perfect way. After you’ve passed a test to show you have the necessary teaching skills, you can log in to the MathElf system as and when it suits you to work with students worldwide.

Explaining why the MathElf online tutoring system works so beautifully - for both students and tutors alike - the company’s website says:

“Our tutors provide a safe and enriching learning environment, personally connecting with students and providing an opportunity for curiosity and the natural love of learning to thrive. We have taken everything that was magical about our in-home service and made it available to students at a fraction of the cost and without all of the hassles of scheduling and minimum commitments.”

What MathElf Tutors Say

  • “This is my dream job – I work with students from the comfort of my home whenever I want to log on.” - Mary
  • “MathElf is so easy to use, the app is intuitive and it’s fun to tutor with.” - Victoria
  • “This is so fun!” - Brian

MathElf Tutor Requirements

To be eligible as a tutor for MathElf, you will need to have:

  • An iPad with iOS 9 (or newer)
  • A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  • 1 or more years teaching and/or tutoring experience
  • Experience in multiple math subjects from Pre-Algebra to Calculus

Ready To Start Earning?

We’ve made some additions to the sidebar so that you can take away some ideas of what MathElf is all about from their most recent Facebook and Twitter updates. There’s also a short YouTube video which you can watch to get an overview of how the MathElf system works.

Now that you realise the absolute value which you could offer maths students across the world then don’t go off on a tangent, make sure you get started making a difference today!

Surely you can see that this all adds up to the perfect flexible work angle, so why not start to multiply your earnings in the next few days? Sine up with MathElf via the job listing below right now!

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