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GHE Solar is a specialist in the energy efficiency field. The GHE part of the name stands for Green Heat & Energy and the firm is a family company which was founded in 2009 by four members of the Davis family. It has since grown to become a sizeable employer with a turnover in excess of £30 million a year.

Based in Newbury, GHE Solar often recruit students and other young people during the holidays to work as Door to Door Promoters in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. As a promoter for GHE Solar, you would be visiting households and explaining the benefits of ECO funded cavity wall & loft insulation to residents - and, hopefully, get a commitment from the home owners to go ahead with a free (fully funded) insulation contract with your employer.

Generally you’d be working from 11am until 6pm during the summer, Easter or Christmas holidays from college or university and earning around £10 an hour. GHE Solar also offer a weekly bonus, which could see you earning over £400 a week instead of being bored sat at home.

In addition to face-to-face promotion of GHE Solar at households, you will also be required to produce and deliver mailshots and contact cards as well as carrying out ECO surveys of properties. You will need access to a PC or laptop with internet access, and the ability to scan or print off documents.

GHE Solar likes to send out their promoters in teams of 2 or 3, so, this is a perfect opportunity to sign up with one or two of your friends for some lucrative work during the holidays. One of you will need to be able to drive (and have your own car) but the company will reimburse you for petrol expenses at the going rate.

Other skills which are essential for success at GHE Solar are: great communication and persuasive skills, an outgoing personality, persistence, a hard-work attitude. You will also enjoy be the type of person who looks forward to the thrill of winning!

Explaining that some background in the energy field is always an advantage, but certainly not a necessity for working with the company, the GHE Solar website says:

“We're constantly looking out for the great talent to join our team. Sometimes industry experience always helps, but if you have an interest in the built environment, energy and other products that we offer, we promise that we'll always check your CV out.”

Take a quick look over the social media accounts of GHE Solar in the sidebar to find out more about what they do, and watch the short video which we’ve also posted there for you.

If GHE Solar are currently advertising any roles for students in your area, then apply for a job with the company over the holidays now.

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