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Accuro offers a unique menu of speech-to-text transcription services via a secure web-based platform.

With a choice of outsourced transcription, proofread speech recognition or a simple rough draft, customers can now quickly and easily select the best service for each audio file.

Work With Accuro

Accuro is currently offering transcription jobs to support its transcription service. If you want to work from home and are looking for typing jobs from home, look no further.

Accuro provides UK-based speech-to-text transcription services to a variety of sectors. Based in Knutsford, Cheshire, Accuro have a transcriber liaison team ready to help you begin typing from home and start your new role as a freelance transcriber or proofreader / home editor.

Human transcription service

The most accurate and flexible product. An industry specific, trained panel of UK transcribers produce highly accurate documents, replacing the need to employee local typists or assisting during peaks in workload.

Accuro specialises in producing accurate business ready documents from speech audio files. By accessing our secure portal, customers upload voice files which are distributed to a professional UK transcriber. Once complete, the file is instantly queued into an editing list and professionally proofread before we make it available to you or your secretary for onward distribution.

Proofread (Speech recognition)

An automated transcription process which converts speech into text with an added edit (professional proofread). This service is suitable for customers who require a grammatically correct, complete document, with all the automated speech-to-text software errors corrected. The document is delivered in block text format which is ideal for internal use but will need reformatting for external use. This is a hybrid product, incorporating cost reductions and a human proofread.

This is a back-end speech recognition service which means that audio is uploaded with a completed block text document being returned quickly but following a correction audit by a professional proofreader. A front-end engine requires users to sit and correct documents there and then, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking software. The back-end process delivers where users do not have time to correct and do not want a change in their current upload process.

Rough draft (Speech recognition)

Speech recognition is an automated transcription process which converts speech into text. This service is suitable for customers requiring a cost-effective and rapid rough draft copy of their voice into text.

‘Front end’ engines, such as Nuance’s Dragon Naturallyspeaking, require users to correct and edit (fix) documents in-app.

Accuro is a back-end speech recognition service which means that audio is uploaded, and a completed block text document is returned within minutes.

The back-end process delivers when users want to upload dictation and then want an administrator to process the document or edit in Microsoft Word themselves, at a convenient time.

Working with Accuro – Speech-to-text transcription services

If you want to work with Accuro, either as a transcriber / home editor / proofreader, or would like to enquire about our services, please do not hesitate to visit our website

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