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Events Apprenticeships - A Guide

Introduction To Events Apprenticeships
Have you decided going on to university and full time study is just not the route for you but you still want a meaningful, rewarding career? If you are nodding your head at that question then Apprenticeships could be the perfect option. And, if you are the sort of person who loves to go to live gigs to see your favourite bands, you love to watch big events on TV or you have always wondered what goes into staging these events, then Events Apprenticeships might well be the way forward.

There are all sorts of events out there in different shapes and sizes and if you are bursting with enthusiasm, a good people person, have strong organisational skills and are looking for ways to get a foot in the door of doing events jobs, Apprenticeships in Events will equip you with the skills, knowledge and qualifications to succeed in your career in the future. On top of the structured training you will receive, starting out in event assistant jobs, you will also receive a wage.

Sound good to you? If you don’t want to go to uni to study events management and you are itching to get stuck right in there, learning on the job, read on to find out more about Live Events And Promotion Apprenticeships. There’s an exciting career ahead of you.

How Do Events Apprenticeships Work?
How many different types of events can you think of? There are so many out there and the ‘live’ sector in the United Kingdom is growing fast. This means young people like yourselves are needed to fill roles and drive the industry forward. If you are already doing event assistant jobs, it’s also great for the sector if you can do Events Apprenticeships to upgrade your skills and progress your career.

Your experience during your Apprenticeship will differ depending on whatever type of live event jobs you are doing. The great news is, though, you will still come out at the other side, armed with the same nationally recognised qualifications. This means you can apply for other event jobs in the future and your employer will know you have the necessary skills and experience to carry out your role.

Apprenticeships in Events could see you working at venues and shows such as:
  • Major sporting events in large stadiums and arenas
  • Music concerts and festivals - outdoors and indoors
  • Theatre shows
  • Country shows
  • Weddings
  • Expos
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
As you can see, there are all sorts of opportunities out there where you could learn the ropes in event assistant jobs. And these types of roles are not for the 9-5 office types. You will need to be the type of person who is up for rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in. During an event, this can mean working long hours, including evenings and weekends.

Of course, to make an event successful, not everyone works in the same role and when you are doing Events Apprenticeships, you will be able to choose a pathway that will suit your role and the direction you want to take your career in. Let’s take a closer look at Live Events And Promotion Apprenticeships.

Level 2 Intermediate Events Apprenticeships
At Level 2, you will be doing event assistant jobs and your Events Apprenticeship will take around 18 months or less to complete. Your role could be anything from putting on a show, promoting the event and even staging it. This depends on your employer and where you think your strengths lie. So, you could be:
  • Venue and stage crew
  • Event promotion team
  • Booking agent
Level 3 Advanced Events Apprenticeships
By the time you get to Level 3 Events Apprenticeships, if you did level 2 qualifications, you will already have relevant experience in events jobs and will have an idea about where you want to go with your career.

Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards are now available at Level 3. This is great news because these standards have been designed by top employers and organisations within the events industry. By the time you complete your apprenticeship doing event assistant jobs, your skills should be spot on.

There are two routes you can take at Level 3. If you have preferred doing promotion and booking and want to continue in roles such as event marketing jobs and trainee event management jobs then you might be better choosing the Event Management Apprenticeship Standard for Event Assistant. If you have enjoyed venue and stage crew jobs, then there is a Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard for Live Event Rigger. If you have no experience but a real desire to do event jobs, then you can also apply for these Level 3 Events Apprenticeships.

Event Management Apprenticeship Standard for Event Assistant
The Event Management Apprenticeship Standard for Event Assistant will typically take you 18 months to complete and, if you haven’t already achieved it, you will need to complete Level 2 Maths and English before being awarded your Level 3 qualifications. Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE grades A-C.

During your Apprenticeship you will be doing events jobs that will develop skills such as:
  • Commercial awareness
  • Building a rapport with event stakeholders, colleagues and suppliers
  • Understanding and responding to the needs of clients
  • Using a range of event technology and bespoke software
Event management jobs are very demanding but rewarding and, as well as using the skills you will learn during your Apprenticeship, if you are calm and proactive and have bags of energy, you should be able to take event management jobs and careers a long way.

Apprenticeship Standard for Live Event Rigger
For health and safety reasons, if you want to do stage crew jobs and the Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for Live Event Rigger, you must be 18 years old. This particular Events Apprenticeship will take you around 36 months to complete. Although individual employers will be deciding on entry requirements, you will likely be expected to have GCSEs at Grade C or above in English, Maths and Science and you will also need good ICT skills.

During this particular Events Apprenticeship, you could be stage crew for some of the hottest, largest events in the United Kingdom. The skills and knowledge you will develop are broken into the following areas:
  • Health & Safety
  • Work Methods
  • Rigging Skills & Techniques
  • Working At Height
  • Teamworking & Communication
Once you have completed the Apprenticeship Standard for Live Event Rigger, you will be awarded with a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification and also a Level 2 Professional Light and Sound Association National Rigging Certificate. This is also an industry recognised qualification.

Further Career Development After Events Apprenticeships
If you are in stage crew jobs and have completed level 3 qualifications you can continue in your career by moving into supervisory positions where you will be responsible for leading junior event riggers.

If you have done Events Apprenticeships working as an events assistant, then if you want to do further qualifications, there are Level 4 qualifications out there that will help you progress to event management jobs and event planning jobs.

The transferrable skills that you will develop during your training mean you can diversify your role, if you like. Event promotion means you will develop skills that can lead to marketing roles or PR. People who work in live event jobs tend to love their roles because of the variety and job satisfaction so, chances are, you won’t want to change career once you have started!

Apply for Events Apprenticeships In The UK
So, do you think live event jobs sound right up your street? If so, then take a look to see if there are any Events Apprenticeships to suit you and you could soon be on the road to a demanding yet highly rewarding career.

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