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Health & Medical Internships

Introduction To Health And Medical Internships. What Are They?
Medical internships for undergraduates and postgraduates provide opportunities to be in a workplace environment, working on hands on projects. This could be within the university where you are already based, in hospitals, centres of research, surgeries or even out in the field, working for charitable organisations. Your particular specialist field will determine the environment for medical internships and public health internships.

Summer medical internships, lasting for periods between 1 week and 12 weeks, are quite common if you are not studying a course where industrial placements are already built in. Depending on your course, longer industrial placements can be a part of your university degree.

Paid medical internships are out there, whilst there are some that will cover your travel and other expenses. For other types of medical internships such as medical research internships, you might be able to apply for funding from relevant organisations. For public health internships where you are working abroad on international projects, these could be on a voluntary basis.

Health and medical internships are highly useful for individuals because they give you the opportunity to network with professionals in your field and also demonstrate your commitment to your future career - not to mention the boost to your CV, of course. Being able to show real work experience is invaluable.
Who Can Apply For Health And Medical Internships?
Because of their specialist nature, medical internships are undertaken by students and graduates studying relevant undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.

For industrial placements, your university should be able to guide you on the relevant roles that would benefit you in your area of study and maximise your success. For other medical internships, necessary fields of study will be outlined in the placement description when programmes become available. This could be medicine or biological sciences, for example.

If you are looking to get experience of work overseas and do medical internships abroad, make sure you qualify to work in your country of choice by checking visa requirements first.
What Are The Different Types Of Health And Medical Internships?
Whether industrial placements of summer medical internships, your placement could see you working in a whole variety of environments. There are various type of medical internships.

Medical research internships could see you working in hospitals, laboratories of research institutes, universities. Research internships for medical students could see you working with pharmaceutical companies, charities that support people with illness or disability or research institutes. Some institutes offer bursaries for their medical research internships for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Other types of medical and health internships can be elsewhere in the health industry. Depending on your specialism, you might do placements in opticians, dentistry, speech therapy or psychotherapy, for example.

For other types of medical internships, you might be working directly with patients in nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Whether you want to be working with experienced scientists in labs researching allergies, cancers or other illnesses or you want to to be dealing directly with the public, there could be medical internships out there that will help you develop your future medical career.
When Do I Apply For Health And Medical Internships?
If you are doing a degree in the medical or life sciences field and your course has an industrial placement built into it, your course leaders may remind you of the best times to start making arrangements for your relevant placement.

For summer internships for medical students and those studying other relevant degrees, these can last between 1 and 12 weeks so opening and closing application dates will differ between various companies and institutions. It could be possible to do more short term medical internships if you are organised with your applications.

If you are looking to do international medical internships, as well as the application dates for the placement, make sure you check visa requirements for that country. Is the visa easy to apply for. If so, make yourself aware of how long the visa takes to arrive and how long the visa is valid for.

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