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Graduate Finance Jobs In London

London Graduate Finance Jobs
About Graduate Finance Jobs In London: London is without doubt one of the best cities in the world to search for graduate finance jobs as the UK’s capital city is one of the leading financial centres internationally. Home to Lloyds of London, the London Stock Exchange and the Bank of England, London creates thousands of graduate jobs in finance every year.

There are over 500 banks in London and the majority of them have positions for graduates interested in a career in finance. Over the last 20 years, Canary Wharf has become a challenger to the traditional home of finance at the Square Mile in London and many graduate jobs in finance have opened up in that area of London during that time.

It is difficult to put a figure on the sort of salary you can expect working in a graduate finance job in London as it depends on the particular sector you are interested in. Accountancy professionals, insurance specialists, tax advisors, stock market traders and investment bankers can all command salaries in excess of £20,000 even at the beginning of their careers in finance. But if you climb the career ladder in a graduate banking job in London then salaries can be in the hundreds of thousands.

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