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Corporate managers get satisfaction

06 Aug 2007

Corporate managers get satisfaction Students who haven't decided on a career may want to consider the results of the latest job satisfaction league table.

The study, by researchers at the University of Bath, ranked 81 occupations by how satisfied employees feel in their job.

Corporate managers and senior officials topped the list - and six of the top ten job satisfaction occupations are held by management positions.

However, a completely different form of occupation came in second place - hairdressing and beauty therapy.

Good news for student teachers, too. Job satisfaction in the profession has risen dramatically in recent years, with teaching now claiming 11th place in the league table, as opposed to the 54th spot it occupied in 1999.

Professor Michael Rose, who carried out the research, said: "Individual job satisfaction is made up of a range of factors including material rewards, such as pay and conditions of employment, and symbolic rewards, such as prestige.

"It is also influenced by psychological rewards, such as being able to express creativity, and social rewards, such as having a supportive colleague network."

He continued: "Major changes of position for larger occupations, such as teaching, point to real shifts in job rewards and experiences.

"Financial service managers and retail managers have show huge rises in job satisfaction, with the credit and consumer booms boosting career opportunities and rewards."

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