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Last Chance To Apply For The GCHQ Student Scheme For Technologists

19 Oct 2015

Last Chance To Apply For The GCHQ Student Scheme For Technologists

Today, 19th October 2015, is your last chance to apply for the GCHQ Student Scheme for Technologists.

GCHQ is the UK government’s expert in cyber security, working alongside the Security Service (aka the MI5), the Secret Intelligence Service (aka the MI6 - James Bond’s employers) under the direction of Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC).

The British intelligence and security organisation GCHQ provides the government and our armed forces with signals intelligence and information assurance which can protect the UK. They combat cyber criminals and hackers, keep us safe from terrorism, drug trafficking and other forms of serious crime - and provide support to military operations in countries across the world.

GCHQ’s predecessor (known then as the Government Code and Cypher School) helped to crack the famous Enigma codes at Bletchley Park, an achievement which turned the tide of World War II.

In the current day, GCHQ uses a variety of the most up-to-the-minute technologies to protect against a wide range of cyber threats. And, if you join one of their Student Scheme for Technologists you’ll be working in a complex, challenging and stimulating technical environment and would be involved in all kinds of projects that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.

The placements run for either 11 weeks over summers or for 51 weeks as an industrial placement year. The first summer placement at GCHQ starts in June 2016 and the first industrial placements a few weeks later in September. Students who perform well on a placement could even be considered for a permanent role at GCHQ.

The Student Scheme for Technologists covers five technical disciplines so you’ll need to choose which one suits you best. You can pick from:

  • Software Development

  • Advanced Technology Research (ATR)

  • Computer Network Operations Specialists

  • National Technical Authority for Information Assurance

  • Systems Engineering

Throughout your placement, you’ll be based at the iconic Doughnut building (pictured) in Cheltenham. The Doughnut - built mainly from steel, aluminium, and stone - is the largest building constructed for secret intelligence operations outside the United States, home to over 5,000 employees.

Announcing the launch of the new placement schemes back in July, the Director General for Technology at GCHQ said: “Our summer placement schemes offer students unique exposure to a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, as well as the chance to enhance their technical and problem-solving skills. We look forward to them joining us where they will also be playing their part in helping GCHQ continue to combat threats to national security such as from terrorists, serious criminals and the growing threats from cyberspace.”

If you leave it until tomorrow, you’ll be too late for a place on the scheme - so, don’t delay. Find out more details about the five technical disciplines you can choose from and the eligibility criteria for applicants - and then get your application in for the GCHQ Student Scheme for Technologists today.

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