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Wannabe Cambridge students seeks company backing

02 Apr 2007

Wannabe Cambridge students seeks company backing A student with aspirations to study at Cambridge has come up with a novel idea to raise the funds he needs for his fees, according to reports.

Dean Robinson, from Leicester, is looking for a company to pay the £12,603 he needs for his tuition. In return he will work for whatever company backs him for about a year.

Mr Robinson is keen to study for a post-graduate diploma in computer science and would ideally like a profession in this area, but he is open to offers.

He told the Cambridge Evening News: "I'll try my hand at anything. Someone said what if they send you down a coal mine and I said I'd try it.

"Initially it was a bit tongue in cheek, I was trying to chance my arm but with all the attention it's getting it's turning into quite a serious auction.

"With Cambridge you have to prove you've got the liquid capital before you can go so you can prove you can pay when you get there."

According to the paper, Mr Robinson's eBay letter notes that the agreement could be a "win-win situation for all concerned".

The letter states: "You could be the proud benefactor to and employer of a Cambridge University graduate for an entire year (negotiable) and all that is asked for in return is the aforementioned financial backing."

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