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If you are not getting a great deal from your current Pay as you talk plan, want a PAYG tariff as well as your contract or have a phone and want to make the most of some great new PAYG offers, then the host of Free sim deals could be right for you. You may also want a free SIM card to make sure that you can pop in to your phone to call friends on the same network, so you don't get slammed by cross network charges on PAYG. All you need to use your pay as you go sim card is a phone that can operate on the network you choose. Below we have a review of the free sim card deals from Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Tesco to help you save money on your calls.

Student Tip - Spending money on cross network calls to friends? Get a free SIM to make and receive calls to same network

Network Package Mins price Text price Internet Get sim
Free T-Mobile Sim Cards
Get 100 minutes to UK networks when you top up £10 or more each month
20p 12p £1 per day maximum
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Free O2 Sim Cards
O2 will be giving away two prizes of £1,000 each day in May. To be eligible for one of the day's prizes all people need to do is activate or top up a SIM card with credit throughout May
25p 12p Up to max £1/day
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Free Vodafone Sim Card
Get a Free Vodafone Sim Card and benefit from Vodafone Freebee giving you extra texts, web and minutes every time you top up...
21p cross network 10p £1 per day for 25MB
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Free Tesco Mobile Sim Card
Get free credit whatever you top up with this free sim. Top up £10 and Tesco will triple this to £30. Which? Best Buy award for Pay as you go mobile service provider in May 2010
25p 10p From £2 per week
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Free 3 Sim Cards
Benefit from free Skype to Skype calls and messenger on your phone with no need to top up, and also get free text and internet every time you top up
26p cross network 11p 11p per MB
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Tesco Free Sim
Powered by O2, Tesco are offering up to 2 free sim cards per customer to take advantage of their monthly bonus. Tesco Mobile's new pay as you go tariff gives you FREE credit, whatever you top-up. You choose how you use your credit on your free Tesco Sim card - for calls, texts and mobile internet browsing. You can also benefit from half price calls & texts to your 5 favourite UK numbers. Calls are a simple low flat rate, so you can call mobile or landlines at the same rate. What's more, you also get half price callsx and text to you 5 favourite numbers if you sign up for free. A great way to get more for your money, but remember as with all free sim card deals, you need your own handset
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Free Vodafone Sim Cards
The Vodafone free sim deal again differs slightly. Register for a free sim and get free weekend calls and texts when you spend and use £5 during the week. You can also call any network at one rate with their Pay as you talk price plans, which is fantastic as most people know that calling cross networks can be so expensive on PAYG, so save money witht the Vodafone free sim. The Vodafone free sim deal also offers great value for international calls for 5p a minute. Call landlines in China, Nigeria, Poland, Pakistan, Lithuania, India and many other international destinations for just 5p a minute. Again, to get your Vodafone free sim, just click through to the Vodafone site and request your free sim and get calling!!!
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Free T-Mobile Sim Card
T-Mobile are giving away not 1 but 2 free sim cards. There are no credit checks, no commitment and low call rates, just request a free sim and 2 will arrive through your door. They have a great deal with the free sim, simply top up £15 Monday to friday and get £15 work of free calls for the following week. Spend your free credit on texts, calls and picture messaging to get more from your weekend. You can keep your current number and with your new free sim. To use your sim, calls cost 20p per minute for the first 2 mins of each day and then 10p for the rest of the day. Texts are 10p as is voicemail. If you fancy 2 free sims and free weekend credit, click through and request your free T-Mobile sim today
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Free Orange Sim Cards
Orange have a great pay as you go SIM Card deal. Get a free Orange Sim card and receive - Unlimited text when you top up - calls just 15p a minute anytime - free evening mobile internet browsing when you top up £20 per month - gigs and tours so you can reserve tickets before anyone else and you can keep your number. Amazingly, by getting the Free Orange Sim card you can also benefit from 2 for 1 cinema tickets with Orange Wednesdays. Simply click through and fill in a few details to receive your free Orange Sim card....
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Free O2 Sim Cards
The O2 sim free offer is slightly different, but still offers great value and you can get up to 4 Sim cards free. O2 have also have a great SIM free offer, giving you 500 free UK texts when you top up just £15 per month. Another great free sim deal and if you want to keep your number you can, another reason to grab a free o2 sim.
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