Student Possessions Insurance

Students, If you're heading back to college or university soon then insurance should be high on your list. With reccession on the way and crime rates expected to rise, you want to make sure you've got student insurance in case the worst happens. The main ones to make sure you have are student contents insurance, student possessions insurance, student home insurance and student bike insurance. These do not necessarily have to be bought individually but Endsleigh Student Insurance have a wide range of insurance policies to help you out.

Student Tip - Student houses are targetted by thieves because of the amount of portable high end electrical gear. Get insured!

Endsleigh Possessions Insurance
Student contents insurance from Endsleigh can be tailored to cover all the items that you take to university. Build a policy that insures just one item, or a policy that covers your bike, laptop, iPod, camera, DVDs and much more. - Get laptop cover and insure the rest of your room from just £8 - Cover your mobile for just £3.33 per month - Cover your bike at university from just £30 a year - Endsleigh is approved by NUS - They insure loads of students - that means big discounts - They have been insuring students for 40 years so they know what you need.
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Endsleigh Bike Insurance
Get your bike covered! Endsleigh can offer you specialist insurance to cover your bike against theft and accidental damage at a competitive price. So whether you own a mountain bike or family shopper, try Endsleigh now to see how much you could save. Get a quote today for: - Cover against accidental damage and theft in the UK - Up to 30 days cover in Europe automatically included - Bike and all fixed accessories covered against accidental damage and theft anywhere in UK.
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