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Banking Apprenticeships Guide

Introduction To Banking Apprenticeships
If you are good with numbers and fancy careers in banking, then banking apprenticeships are a great route into the world of finance for young people in the UK.

Most of the bigger banks and building societies like Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, Santander and Nationwide offer banking and finance apprenticeships in some form or another - and the pay can be quite good if you land an apprenticeship in banking with a reputable firm.

You can usually complete a banking apprenticeship in three or four years and could be managing your own branch if you successfully complete the course. Once you’ve got to that stage of your bank career, you could be earning in excess of £20,000 a year.



12 - 24 months

We designed our Foundation and Higher Apprenticeships to give everyone the chance to build a rewarding career. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills, join a learning pathway, and become an important part of our future. For either Apprenticeship, our doors are open to anyone who can show potential, initiative and a can-do attitude.



18 - 24 months

At RBS we have big ambitions for our apprentices. Throughout your apprenticeship and beyond, we’ll give you the support you need in an environment that will stretch you from day one.

M&G Investments


12 - 18 months

Our programme is designed to help young people without a degree start their careers within a leading Investment Management company straight after school or college. It provides an opportunity to receive on the job training and earn a competitive salary.

How Banking Apprenticeships Vary?
Unlike many of other types of apprenticeships - such as apprenticeships in Engineering, for example - banking apprenticeships tend not to vary too much.

And, again, unlike other apprenticeships where you can progress from intermediate and advanced apprenticeships, banking apprenticeships, at the moment, are almost exclusively Higher Level Banking Apprenticeships.

Most of the apprenticeships in banking you can apply for are in the high street retail banking sector, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find any investment banking apprenticeships in the UK. However, should that change and some of the big firms start to advertise apprenticeships in investment banking then you can sure we’ll advertise them here.
What Is Involved With Apprenticeships In Banking?
Typically, a banking apprenticeship in the UK aims to give you the skills you’ll need to be a branch manager or business relationship manager rather than, say, getting you ready for lower level bank jobs like bank cashier jobs.

So, if you are hoping to move into senior roles like bank manager jobs or corporate banking jobs, then apprenticeships in banking should be the way to go.

You’ll get real banking work experience and learn all about things like selling financial instruments, customer services, managing a team of staff and advising customers and clients on what bank accounts or other products are the best fit for their monetary needs.

In addition to finding out about the different sorts of bank accounts there are, you’ll also get a good background in things like pensions, insurance and long-term investments. A good knowledge of those will give you the experience you need to start applying for retail banking jobs.
Higher Level Banking Apprenticeships
As mentioned earlier, there are only banking apprenticeships at Level 4, so you can’t, for example, find intermediate banking apprenticeships or advanced level banking apprenticeships in the UK at this particular moment in time.

What Prospects Are There After Completing A Higher Level Banking Apprenticeship? Once you’ve completed the Higher Level Banking Apprenticeship, you could further your career and specialise in a particular area of banking. You’ll also be eligible to apply for membership of the Chartered Banker Institute or the Institute of Fiscal Studies’ School of Finance.
Apply For Banking Apprenticeships In The UK
Does that all sound good to you? If we’ve done enough to convince you that an apprenticeship in banking is your perfect path in the finance sector of the UK, then apply for any of the apprenticeships in banking and finance which we’re currently advertising below right now.

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