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Employers should welcome remote work

28 May 2008

Employers should welcome remote work Bosses should become more flexible and allow requests for remote working, one employment expert has said.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)/ KPMG Labour Market Outlook (LMO) survey found that more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of employers never allow staff to work from home, it has been reported.

It has urged employers to become more accommodating about accepting requests for remote working, "rather than fostering a culture of presenteeism".

Students who prefer to work from home could be interested to hear that firms are being urged to increase the chances of remote working for their staff.

Gerwyn Davies, the CIPD's policy advisor, told the Recuiter Magazine: "The allure of home-working for employees is becoming greater given the stress and rising costs associated with commuting.

"Employers and line managers should therefore have more confidence in their staff, policies and in their own management capability to ensure that they recruit, retain and make the best use of the talent they have."

The survey also found that only eight per cent of employers believe remote workers to be less productive than office-based staff and almost one-third (30 per cent) believe them to be more prolific.

A fifth revealed they are more likely to accept those requests from management as opposed to other staff.

Up to five million workers were expected to work from home earlier in the month (May 15th) during National Work From Home Day, which was organised to highlight how technological advancements have made remote working a reality for most firms.

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