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A Cookbook For Student Job Hunters

29 Jan 2015

In case you haven’t heard of it, IFTTT can be a very useful weapon in many areas of life – and the team over there has just produced something which is particularly useful for anyone looking for student jobs…   (Apologies if you came...

A Close Look At The UK Graduate Jobs Market In 2015

21 Jan 2015

Our blogpost last January – which featured predictions about the market for student jobs and graduate vacancies in 2014 – proved very popular with our readers (and even predicted lots of things correctly!), so let’s take a similar approach again to see what might...

Student jobs fraud: What scams are out there and how you can avoid them

21 Jul 2014

It’s no secret that job hunting can be stressful, time-consuming and demoralising. While prospects are looking up, with a steady increase in youth employment and initiatives including the abolition of National Insurance Contributions intended to support this increase, the job search is not without...

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University vs. School-leaver programmes – E4S video series 2

15 Jul 2014

This week is a special for school and college students as we discuss a subject that has been constantly requested since we began our YouTube videos back in 2013 – the value of university vs. school-leaver programmes. We cover what industries are best supported...

Balancing work and education – E4S video series 2

08 Jul 2014

Thanks again for joining us for the second E4S video series. Today, we’re gonna try something a little different and talk about the importance of balancing your part-time work and education, as well as give you guys some examples of jobs where flexibility is...

Retail Jobs – Staff Perks, Rewards & Benefits

07 Jul 2014

Our blogpost in March about the perks and rewards of working at some of the supermarket chains in the UK proved very popular, so we thought we’d cast the net wider and take a look at some of the other big retailers that operate...

Social media in the student jobsearch – E4S video series 2

01 Jul 2014

We’ve just launched series 2 of the E4S video series on student jobhunting with the first episode “Social media in the student jobsearch”. Join Khai Trung Le as we discuss the importance of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn; not only the benefits students can...

Company Focus: Phones 4u Part Time Sales Consultant Jobs

31 May 2014

We’ve got some great retail jobs on site at the moment with the youth-savvy Phones 4u brand. The jobs are perfect for students as the majority of them are part time roles, meaning that you should be able to fit them around your college...

Part Time & Temporary Retail Jobs For Students All Over The UK

30 Apr 2014

We’ve been busy doing lots of work trying to find as many full time, part time and temporary retail job opportunities as we possibly can for students all over the UK. From Aberdeen to Zouch and from Aberystwyth to Zeal Monachorum, we want to...

Supermarket Job Perks – Every Little Helps!

31 Mar 2014

Supermarket jobs are a bit of a staple when it comes to student work. And, for that very reason, we’ve written on this blog before about the best ways to find supermarket jobs in the UK (see link at the end of the article) -...

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