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Connecting to the internet can be an extremely confusing business - there are many different providers, all promising the best prices! We have compiled a list of the best and cheapest broadband deals and internet service providers in the UK so you can easily browse all the options and choose the most appropriate internet connection package for your requirements. Use the links below to find the best value internet connections and cheapest broadband deals available in the UK. Compare internet connection packages below

Cheap Internet and Best Broadband Deals

ISP Broadband Package Speed Downloads Contract Monthly Cost Rating
Sky Broadband Unlimited
Totally unlimited broadband, so you can download all the movies, music and photos you like. Includes Sky Talk Weekends with Sky Line Rental and a FREE £75 voucher. Line rental £17.40 a month.
Upto 17mb Unlimited 12
(for 12 months)
5 stars Go to site
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Broadband
Evening and weekend calls, free wireless router, UK based support. £14.99 after 6 months. Line rental - £16.99
Upto 38mb Unlimited 18
(for 6 months)
4 stars Go to site
BT Broadband
Free BT Home Hub wireless router, optional Free BT Sport add on and £100 Prepaid Mastercard. Line rental - £18.99
Upto 17mb 12GB 12
£5 3 stars Go to site
Talk Talk Simply Broadband
£3.75 for 18 months. Super fast unlimited internet, plus wireless router and Homesafe. £7.50 after 18 months. Line rental - £17.70.
Upto 17mb Unlimited 18
(for 18 months)
4 stars Go to site
Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband & Calls
Unlimited internet, inclusive weekend calls, £9 activation fee. £19 after 9 months. Line rental - £17.99.
Upto 50mb Unlimited 12
(for 9 months)
3 stars Go to site

We understand that everyone has different broadband requirements so here is a list of the best internet providers in the UK. Click on the logos down the left for full service details.

Internet Providers Overviews

BT Broadband
Get online with BT Broadband from only £5 per month or go superfast with BT Infinity for £10 per month. All their fantastic wireless broadband packages come with a free wireless router Home Hub, free BT sport, and a Prepaid Mastercard. Line rental of £18.99 applies. This wireless internet offer is one of the best with BT and they have an unlimited download option too.
More Info on BT Total Broadband Internet

EE Broadband
provide a simple range of internet access options for fast, reliable internet access. Their 17MB Unlimited EE Broadband and Calls deal is only £2.95 a month and now includes a free wireless router. Their 38Meg unlimited fibre broadband deal is only £9.95 a month (for 6 months, then £19.95 per month) and includes a free wireless router that enables you to talk through your internet connection and play online games, as well as going wireless in your home, and 12 months free Norton Online Security!
More Info on EE Broadband Internet

Plusnet: An open and honest broadband provider with over 10 years of Internet experience. Part of the BT group, with more than 200,000 broadband customers. PlusNet has award winning UK based customer support available 365 days per year. Packages include Unlmited Broadband only £1.99 per month for 18 months on an 18 month contract (then £9.99 per month). Plusnet also offer fibre optic broadband packages and Broadband deals without a call plan. BT Sport is also now available through Plusnet broadband packages.
More Info on Plusnet Broadband Internet

Whether you're an existing Sky TV customer or new to Sky, you can enjoy fantastic Sky Broadband Deals. Right now, new customers can pick up Sky's totally unlimited broadband FREE for 12 months with no usage caps. That's as well as inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines and a £75 Prepaid MasterCard. It's only a 12 month contract and is £10 per month if you decide to continue after 12 months.

Student broadband deal - Free Sky Broadband Unlimited on a 9 month contract! Just pay £17.40 per month for line rental.

There are lots of great reasons to join Sky Broadband. Sky TV customers with a Sky+HD box can enjoy a huge library of entertainment on demand with Sky Anytime+. And Ofcom has recently found that Sky Broadband customers enjoy unbeatable overall satisfaction compared to those with BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk.
More Info on Sky Broadband Internet

Talk Talk
are currently offering a Simply Broadband package to which you can add a SIM card, call plan, TV or upgrade to super fast fibre broadband. The Simply Broadband package is an 18 month contract with unlimited broadband at up to 17mb speeds. It's £3.75 for the first 18 months and then £7.50 (plus £17.70 line rental) per month. Upgrade to superfast fibre broadband for only £10 per month for 12 months.
More Info on Talk Talk Broadband Internet

Virgin Media
The Virgin Media fibre optic network delivers superfast broadband of up to 200 Mbps as well as TV, landline phone, and mobile options. Virgin Media broadband packages come with the fastest wireless router around - the Super Hub! Virgin Media are the only major broadband provider to offer broadband with no line rental so if you don't want a landline then these are the ones to check out. Pick a superfast speed from 50 Mbps to 200Mbps and then add on a phone line with call plan, TV option or mobile Sim if you want them.

They also have an unlimited student broadband deal which is a 9 month contract that you can self install to get online in 1 day! It costs £34 - £47 per month depending how fast you want to go, and has a £9.99 activation fee.
More Info on Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband Internet

If you are in shared accommodation then you can really cut the price of broadband by getting a wireless broadband router. This basically beams your broadband connection around the house so that all your housemates can use the same broadband internet connection at the same time. You pay for one broadband connection but can all use it! There are no limits on how many people can connect and use the internet so the more of you there are the cheaper it becomes. And, because it is a wireless broadband connection, you do not need to worry about running wires all around the house. Click on the link for full details and wireless broadband modem router deals. Along with home internet offers there are a number of mobile broadband products on the market including Broadband Free Lapatop Deals

Here are some variables to compare before you buy:

  • You can get some great deals on a dial up internet connection so don't buy broadband thinking there aren't other options!
  • There are different broadband speeds from 512kbps (slowest) to 8Mb (fastest) so make sure you are comparing like with like.
  • Some broadband packages have monthly limits on how much bandwidth you can use, others are unlimited broadband deals.
  • You can save a lot of money on broadband deals if you use a wireless broadband router to run multiple computers on the same broadband connection anywhere in the building. So if you want broadband for a shared student house, you can split the bill by using the same broadband connection!

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