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Introduction To Hospitality Apprenticeships
The beauty of Hospitality Apprenticeships is that whatever area you want to focus on - whether that be catering, hotels, beverages or customer service, to name just a few - many different types of hospitality apprenticeship have been designed so that you can really learn on the job, earning money, developing skills and gaining qualifications in your focus area.

The UK hospitality industry is made up of a variety of roles and responsibilities and it employs well over 1.5 million people in hospitality jobs - in fact, the industry is one of the United Kingdom’s top employers. As people leave the hospitality industry due to retirement and for other reasons, the constant recruitment of skilled young people into exciting jobs in the hospitality industry is essential.

Hospitality apprenticeships mean you will have the necessary skills to ensure the UK hospitality industry can continue to thrive. If you are looking to work in an industry where, whatever role you are employed in, you are ensuring a happy and memorable experience for customers and guests, then making the decision to do apprenticeships in hospitality will be a great step forward and you should find jobs in hospitality very rewarding.
Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger


1 year School Leavers Programme

The Pret School Leavers Programme provides an opportunity to start climbing the career ladder straight away. The Pret Academy provides our team members with training to give them the skills need to succeed, along with opportunities to develop into more challenging roles.



United Kingdom

12-15 month Intermediate Level Hospitality Apprenticeships

As an Apprentice Waiter/Waitress for Côte Brasserie you will be working for an award-winning restaurant inspired by the brasseries of Paris.

As an Apprentice Waiter/Waitress you will be working on the restaurant floor and interacting with guests; guaranteeing their visit to Côte is exceptional. For guests to experience quality service, not only do you have to look smart; you must also be polite, approachable and ensure they have everything they need.

Greene King

Greene King

United Kingdom

12 month Intermediate Level Bar and Waiting Apprenticeship

If you have a desire to gain experience with an industry respected pub brand and you have the hunger to develop yourself and further your career, this award winning apprenticeship position may be just what you're looking for.

As a Greene King Team Member we can offer you an entrance to a fantastic career pathway in the Hospitality sector, with dedicated and tailored support and training throughout each step of your career with us! This is all rounded off with a great benefits package which will cater to your individual needs.

N and B

N & B Training

South East

12 - 24 months

N & B Training have supported thousands of apprentices since 1998 in achieving the qualifications they need to succeed in their careers. They provide support apprenticeship programmes in a variety of sectors in South East England. Follow the link to view their hospitality apprenticeships.




12 months

First4Skills is one of the most successful providers of government funded apprenticeships and bespoke business solutions in the UK. We are experts in the service industry sector, such as retail, hospitality, contact centre, warehousing and logistics, customer service, business administration, team-leading and management. Working in partnership with employers, our mission is to train today’s workforce for tomorrow to boost skills, staff retention and productivity.

Hugh Baird

Hugh Baird


12 - 24 months

We are a leading provider of apprenticeship training in the Liverpool and Merseyside area. We offer a range of apprenticeship programmes in construction, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and many more.

How Do Hospitality Apprenticeships Vary?
What Types Of Hospitality Apprenticeship Jobs Are There? So, we have said that jobs in the hospitality industry cover a variety of roles. Let’s now take a look at the types of jobs you could be doing when you decide to take on apprenticeships in hospitality.

The whole industry is centred around providing excellent customer service - from making sure a hotel room is clean and tidy, to serving up the best cakes and pastries to hungry customers. Hospitality Apprenticeships are often called Catering and Hospitality Apprenticeships because, whatever pathway you choose to take your apprenticeship in, you could be working directly with food and beverages. You might also be dealing with people enjoying short hotel breaks or you could even be doing corporate hospitality jobs. It really is down to your preference and where you think you could really develop your skills and put them to best use.

What you can be sure of is that Hospitality Apprenticeship jobs will equip you with a set of nationally recognised skills and qualifications that could see you holding down hospitality management jobs and careers in the future.

If you do a Hospitality Apprenticeship, you could be working in:
  • Restaurants - you could be waiting on tables or working behind the scenes in the kitchen.
  • Pubs - from pulling pints to running the cellar.
  • Hotels - front of house or housekeeping.
  • Cafes & Diners - preparing and serving food.
  • Conference Suites - looking after attendees at important meetings.
  • Caterers - you could be preparing and delivering food for weddings and other special occasions.
  • Country Clubs - a whole range of catering and hospitality jobs are carried out at country clubs.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Hospitals.
  • Other establishments that have their own catering facilities.
Are you getting the picture? Varied, exciting, fast moving; Hospitality Apprenticeship jobs are certainly going to keep you on your toes and you can be sure that no two days will be the same.

What Is Involved In Hospitality Apprenticeship Jobs?
By doing an Apprenticeship, not only will you receive on the job training and earn while you learn, you will also have a mentor who can guide and advise you, give you feedback and help you decide what are the best steps for advancing in hospitality jobs and careers.

Some apprenticeships might be completed exclusively on the job with assessments carried out in the workplace, whilst others might require you to undergo some ‘classroom’ learning in a training centre or online.

How long your hospitality apprenticeship takes to complete depends on your training centre and your employer - the type of role you are doing and the number of hours you are working per week. With some employers, it is possible to do part time apprenticeships in hospitality and these will take longer to complete than if you are working full time. Apprenticeships can take between 1-4 years to complete.

Obviously, hospitality jobs and careers are not your typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday jobs. Hospitality Apprenticeship jobs will see you working day times, evenings, weekends and holidays. For many people, though, this is the beauty of jobs in the hospitality industry. They love the variety!

Intermediate Level Hospitality Apprenticeships
Unless you already have your GCSEs in Maths and English, Intermediate Level Hospitality Apprenticeships will see you work towards Functional Skills in Maths and English up to Level 1.

You will also learn about Employee Rights and Responsibilities so that you can carry out your job effectively and safely and know what is expected of you. You will also develop Personal Learning & Thinking Skills.

What Qualifications Will I Get With Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeships in Hospitality?When you have completed Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeships in Hospitality, this is the equivalent of 5 GCSEs at grades A-C. As well as the Functional Skills and Employee Rights & Responsibilities, there are different routes you can choose from, depending on the area you want to focus on. Some of these include:
  • Professional Cookery
  • Hospitality Services
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Housekeeping
  • Front of House Reception
Whichever pathway you choose as your focus, on successful completion of your Hospitality Apprenticeship, you will have achieved a Level 2 NVQ Diploma (or equivalent) in your chosen field. You will also have a Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles (with a focus on your chosen pathway).

Intermediate Level Catering and Hospitality Apprenticeships mean you should now be able to work as an effective member of a team. Roles could include receptionist, bar assistant, room attendant, kitchen assistant or counter assistant.

Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships in Hospitality
Are you really enjoying your hospitality jobs and feel like you want to take the next step and further your career? If so, then you could do this via Advanced Level Hospitality Apprenticeships. This is where you really drill down and specialise in a particular area of the hospitality industry so that you can become a professional or a leader in a particular field.

What Qualifications Will I Get With Advanced Level Hospitality Apprenticeships? If you haven’t already achieved this level, on successful completion of Advanced Apprenticeships in Hospitality, you will be awarded Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English. You will also complete more Employment Rights and Responsibilities training as well as Personal Learning & Thinking Skills.

An Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Hospitality will also mean you will work to attain an NVQ Level 3 Diploma and a Level 3 Certificate in the field that you wish to continue working in. This is the equivalent of achieving 2 A-Levels. There is a whole range of pathways to consider and your employer and mentor will help you decide on the best route for you to take.

People who do Level 3 Advanced Level Hospitality Apprenticeships are those who want to work in - or are already working in - hospitality jobs in a position of supervision and leadership. Hospitality management jobs and duties could include:
  • Front of house manager
  • Bar manager
  • Head waiter or waitress
  • Head housekeeper
  • Duty manager or supervisor
  • Area manager
  • Menu creation
  • Supervising food production
  • Cellar management
  • Head chef
  • Sous chef
  • Kitchen manager
These are just a few of the duties and areas you could specialise in by deciding to do Level 3 Catering and Hospitality Apprenticeships.

Higher Level Hospitality Apprenticeships
Once you have various supervisory roles under your belt, you might decide you want to take your career even further by considering Higher Hospitality Management Apprenticeships.

What Qualifications Will I Get With Higher Level Hospitality Apprenticeships?As well as Functional Skills and Employer Rights & Responsibilities training, successful completion of this apprenticeship means you will be a awarded Level 4 Higher Hospitality Management Apprenticeships. This will consist of:
  • Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Level 4 Diploma in Principles of Hospitality Management
Higher Level Apprenticeships in Hospitality Management will see you in hospitality management jobs similar to those of the Advanced Level Apprenticeships. Regional management positions could also be available in fields where that is applicable and you could also receive a higher salary once you have completed this apprenticeship.

Where Can I Do Hospitality Apprenticeships?
And this is yet another reason to seize the opportunity to do Apprenticeships in Hospitality. Hospitality industry jobs are everywhere. All around us, people are working in the hospitality industry and employers and training centres all over the United Kingdom are working together to give you the support to develop your hospitality career. This makes it easier to find Apprenticeships and it benefits both you and your employer.

Apply For Hospitality Apprenticeships In The UK
So what are you waiting for? If you want to earn while you learn in one of the fastest moving, most exciting sectors of the British economy, start applying for some of the Hospitality Apprenticeships below now and you could soon be embarking on a rewarding career, following in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay...
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Team Member


Battersea, Greater London

£10.50 per hour

Epos Data Administrator

MGS - Group Finance






Starting from £11 up to £11.50 per hour

Apprentice Chef - Roebuck, Market Harborough


Market Harborough


Apprentice Chef - Fly Line, Gosforth

The Fly Line



Food and Beverage Apprentice - Old Buttercross, Rutland

Old Buttercross



Apprentice Chef - Old Colliery

Old Colliery



Apprentice Chef - Crown, Wrexham




Apprentice Chef - Jenny Burn Oatllands

Jenny Burn



Apprentice Chef - Bumble Bee, Blackwood

Bumble Bee



Food and Beverage Apprentice - Spread Eagle Gailey

Spread Eagle (3494)



Apprentice Chef - Elms Lutterworth




Food and Beverage Apprentice - Trading Post

White Willow



Food and Beverage Apprentice - Bear Inn

Bear Inn



Food and Beverage Apprentice - Kingsbridge




Food and Beverage Apprentice - White Heifer that Travelled

White Heifer That Travelled



Apprentice Chef - Stonemason




Apprentice Chef - Kingsbridge




1-20 of 728 jobs

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