Drinking Games

Before you go any further, we would like to make it clear that Employment4students.co.uk LTD does not condone nor promote excessive alcohol consumption and is providing the material on this page for information only.  Employment4students.co.uk LTD would also like to make it clear it takes no responsibility for the actions of individuals who read the information on this page.


Taking Names with Leighton Baines
A simple but effective masterpiece of a drinking game, Taking Names With Leighton Baines, a homage to the great Evertonian left back, is a great way to liven up an evening.

The premise of the game is simple, as with "Taking Names with Leighton Baines", you must think of an action in the first part e.g. Taking Names, and then rhyme this with a well known person, that you will perform this action with i.e. with "Leighton Baines" . If the player rhymes an action with a name correctly, it moves on to their left, for the next person in the group to rhyme an action with a person. An option as always is to have a sip of drink while you think of an answer! Other good examples include: Riding a Horse with Inspector Morse, Feeling Burley with Liz Hurley, 'Getting fisty with Linford Christie', 'Eating Candy with Ghandi'....you get the idea. A quick, simple and ultimately funny game that can be played in a large or small group. The jury of the game are the other players and if they deem that the rhyme is weak (i.e. searching Google with Ben Foogle - as this is not his name), or the action and the surname are the same, then the player will have to think of another acceptable action with person.

This is a funny game to play to start things out and get the ball rolling. Everyone sits in a circle and everyone picks the name of a vegetable. Let's say for instance player A is a pepper, player B is a cabbage, player C is a broccoli. You say your name out loud so everyone knows everyone else's veggie name. To start the game a player says their veggie name and then another player's veggie name. This player repeats this process. Then comes the catch that puts a spanner in the works! Throughout the entire game no one is allowed to show their teeth. If at any time you are caught showing your teeth you have to drink. And it is hard to remember not to show your teeth. This game is good for laughs!

I Have Never
No list of drinking games would be complete without I have never. The game is very simple, it starts with someone saying 'I have never .........". The person says something that they have supposedly never done. It is most fun when you try to be creative with what you haven't done, but if you are lucky / unlucky enough not to have done something you know others have, you may use this to your advantage. If you have done what the person says they have have never done, you drink. As you can imagine this is a real ice breaker and if you play long enough you will find a lot you didn't know about your mates! If at any point someone doesn't drink for something that someone else knows that they have done, they must finish their drink.

Living It Up - Courtesy of Dunnie
A similar game to veggies, but some would say superior in many ways. This time everyone has their own signature dance move (preferably one that can be down sitting down, for your own sake!) which you run through before starting (e.g. somebody might do 'big fish, little fish, cardboard box' another person might swing a lasso). To pass to somebody else you do your own move before doing their move. Then they have to do their move before doing somebody else's move, and so on. If anybody cocks up, they have to drink. Best accompanied by everyone making some noise, like singing and/or clapping/stomping to their favorite dance tune, which gradually gets faster and faster and with it the dance moves have to get faster as well. Then it all starts again slowly.

Hands In The Bushes - Courtesy of Dunnie
This is a bit of a trivia game. It starts off with everyone saying [and moving - movements in square brackets] "Hands in the bushes! [extend both hands forward, and shake them, as if in some bushes perhaps] Hands in the bushes! [same again] Throttle on the bottle [left hand out], throb of the knob [right hand out] and away we go!" At this point everybody makes the following sequences of noises in unison, equally spaced: slap of the knees, clap of the hands, snap with the left hand, snap with the right hand. Then the person whose turn it is (typically the loser of the previous round) says, in rhythm with the slap/clap with the beats provided by the slap/clap/snap/snap, "Name me [blank] starting with..." and comes up with a category. For example, the person might say (using each ellipsis to represent the gap which comes during the two 'snaps'), "Name me... members of... The Beatles... starting with... Ringo Starr".

The person on their left will then have until the next slap to provide an answer. So in the case "Ringo Starr" will have been finished being said in during the clap of the person whose turn it is, and the next person will have until the next slap/clap/snap/snap has just finished to come up with an answer, e.g. "John Lennon". You have to drink if you cannot come up with a NEW answer in the chosen category by the time the next slap/clap/snap/snap has finished. A great game with medium-large groups as it usually has everyone getting excited about one thing or another, and has the bonus that you can set particular people up if you pick a suitable category. The category can be anything within reason and probably a few things outside of it as well.

Power Hour - Courtesy of Dre
This game requires some skill on the computer. If you have a sound editing program and a large and diverse music library it can be accomplished easily. To make the cd: select 60 songs (one for each minute). The songs need to be of every genre, or if you have a favorite that's fine too (techno, classic rock, etc) The songs must follow an order of increasing intensity, for example, perhaps the first couple of songs are Bob Marley, and Red Hot Chili Peppers (pretty mellow) as the songs progress they become more intense, maybe some 80's music all the way up to some Metallica) the final songs must be very intense dance music, preferably techno like Sandstorm, or the Mortal Kombat theme. Each song must be cut down to only a minute long, and between each song there must be some sort of sound clip (i always use a gong sound, which can be cut from the end of the mortal kombat theme)


Top Gun
Watch one of the all time greatest movie, "Top Gun", and drink every time the following names are said: Maverick, Goose,Iceman,Cougar ,Viper - A simple yet effective game! Click on the cover if you don't have the movie........

American Pie
A classic student film to play with a classic student game! It is always good to have a 'referee' to ensure that all fines are being met and everyone is having a good time! The game structure goes as follows: 1 drink
-Stiffler swears
-Someone refers to Stiffler's mum
-Oz Sings
-Jim's dad gets flustered
-Jim moans or talks dirty
2 drinks
-Any band camp story
-Blink 182 says something
-Any of the main characters drink alcohol (at your discretion!)
3 drinks
-One off the boys "blows it!"
-A girl talks about Finch's manhood
-Anyone drinks jizz!


The Best Card Game Ever
With a title like that, you would hope it should be good, and it is. It combines a number of classic drinking games and it's easy to play so get involved! Equipment - One Deck of Cards - One empty glass in the center of the table - A beer or drink for everyone - At least five people (makes it more interesting, and keeps the game moving)
All Aces, Kings, Tens, Jokers, Queens , Nines and Threes are removed from the deck. They are shuffled, and randomly strewn through the middle of the table, face down. Whoever chooses to go first, picks a card from the table, and reveals it to the entire group. According to which card it is, a particular activity is performed. The card drawn is placed aside, not to be drawn again. Moving in clockwise fashion, after the activity is done, the next person picks a card and so on... The Rules for Each Card Are:

QUEENS : the Queen means the table engages in the alphabet game, wherein the person who picks the queen chooses a topic, and begins on "A" with a word pertaining to the subject, next person is "B" and so on. Continues until someone falters, takes too much time, or can't think of one, in which case, they drink.

JACKS: Jacks are "socials", everybody toasts, and everybody drinks!!! (doesn't have to be the whole drink, just a nice hearty swallow).

TENS: Tens are the Thumb Master: when you pull this card, you keep it with you. At any point in the game, that person can put their thumb on the table - the last person to catch on, drinks. (the person who draws the card gets this privilege only once per ten drawn).

NINES: Nines are the question cards. The person who draws the card immediately looks at someone and asks them a question. That person then turns to someone else and asks them a question, and so on. The first person to answer a question, laugh, or ask a question to the person who just asked them, drinks!!

ACES: Aces are the "rules" card. The person who draws an ace, gets to make any rule they want. (ie, everytime Lisa says "Yeah, totally", Tim has to drink.) This can get fun, if you build on them for each ace drawn - you can get people doing crazy dances, and others having to drink whenever someone else does - this is the best part.

KINGS: When a King is drawn, it is kept out on the table, face up. The person who draws the card has to pour some of their drink into the empty glass (as little or as much as they want). The person who pulls the fourth King, has to slam the glass in the middle of the table. This works best if everyone's drinking the same thing, but if they're not nice, you could be drinking some interesting combinations!!

The game typically ends when the fourth King is drawn, but it's up to the group to keep going, or reshuffle. This is a major fun time played again and again, but possibly not on the same day!


Pick A Player
Without a doubt, the best drinking accompaniment to a game of any sport but it probably works best with football. The rules are simple. Before a game, each member of your group or team! picks a player and this will be their player for the rest of the game, one player per person (For the seasoned drinker, goalkeepers will usually be omitted). The scoring system works as follows: Every time your player is mentioned in the commentary (NOT every time he touches the ball) = 1 finger (width of one finger on glass)

Yellow card = Social claw (four fingers)

Red card = Full glass

Goal = full glass

Own goal = full glass

If a player is substituted = 2 fingers and take the new player as your player or change for another existing 'free' player.

International Drinking Rules
Any self respecting recreational drinker should be aware that where drinking games are involved, there are a number of international drinking rules that should be adhered to:
- Drink with the clock. When the minute hand is in the first half an hour, on the right hand of the clock, drink using your right hand. When the hour is in the second half of the hour, on the left side, drink with using the left hand.
- No swearing.
- Drinks must be placed 1 fingers length in from the edge of the table.
- No pointing, using fingers or fists is allowed. Elbows and nodding should be used.
- People must be refered to as Mr [Surname] or 'nicknames', no Christian names.
- The words "drink" and "finger" are disallowed.
- The penalty for each rule broken is two fingers of drink to be consumed in the opposite hand that is correct to be drinking with at that time, the penalty hand.
- If falsely accusing people of breaking rules, those penalties must be born by the accuser.

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