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Waiting work at London's top events with Esprit

A day in the life of a waiter or waitress at London's top events
I wake up at the crack of dawn (9:30am actually, but that's early enough!) to call the Esprit booking line in order to sort out work for next week. There's a super chirpy "Good Morning!" letting me know that they're already in full swing, and they help me find shifts that fit in with my hectic diary.

As a music student I need the time to be able to rehearse and practice even on days when I have no classes, and sorting out my own work schedule is so much easier than having to stick to a strict rota. Three hours of practice later and it's time to iron my uniform, find my A-Z map & waiters' friend (corkscrew) and dash out of the door. My housemate (who also works with Esprit!) leaves at the same time as me to go a small shift in a private house in Kew, while I'm going the opposite way to Old Billingsgate Market near London Bridge.

Billingsgate is one of my favourite venues because it is HUGE and I know that many of my Esprit friends will also be working there, so it's a great chance for a gossip/reunion while we sign in.

We have a full briefing from the manager about the event and are given different roles. I'm in the cloakroom but will also help serve dinner, and then zip back again to help as the guests leave; I'll have to be on the ball!

The client seems really nice and because it's a Halloween party there are lots of crazy decorations and I heard there will be dry ice in the desserts for a 'spooky' effect. We are split into our teams and while I go to help set up the cloakroom, the rest of the staff 'finish off the room' and make last minute checks on table settings etc.

As soon as the guests start to arrive it is non-stop all night (time usually flies by!). The after dinner party even has an X Factor contestant singing (secretly I think they're quite good). The guests are really friendly and as they start to drift home we're surprised to receive a few tips! The bar finally closes at 11.30pm and all the guests have left by midnight.

Esprit booked our taxis for 1am so everyone makes a big effort to pack everything up and load the equipment into vans. Then it's goodbyes and promises to text/facebook each other as we find our taxis - I'm definitely looking forward to my bed!
About The Esprit Group
The Esprit Group provide staff to the events industry, so employees get the chance to do London waiting jobs at fantastic events across London including award ceremonies, celebrity parties, sporting and music events, exhibitions, and private or corporate events.
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