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Reward Surveys

Compare Reward Survey Companies
Some paid survey companies offer rewards and gift vouchers instead of cash for taking paid surveys. The principle is the same though - you register with them, take surveys and get rewarded with points which can be exchanged for gift certificates from popular retailers like Amazon.

What's it all about? Businesses across the globe need feedback on their products, adverts and websites to make them successful. Many pay market research companies to ask their members to complete surveys to get that feedback.

What's in it for me? If you become a member you will be sent relevant surveys about your buying habits, new products, TV adverts and movie trailers. You get to give your opinion to influence business decisions, and you get rewarded!

The companies below all offer gift certificates and vouchers as rewards. We also have a list of paid survey companies that offer cash rewards.

Reward Survey Companies


Toluna is the site that lets you voice your opinion and learn what other people think! By completing surveys you get points, which can be converted in money vouchers, ipoints, or discount vouchers. It's a great community site and could earn you a few pounds - very roughly speaking 60,000 points convert into a £12 cash voucher for shops such as CDwow, HMV, Debenhams, and to a £10 voucher for Amazon.

You can do loads of surveys and polls and you get rewarded with points for a huge range of things you do on the site. A survey can pay 5000 points, it's hard to say how long on average they take though.

Free product testing! Register, apply for product testing and if you get selected you get to test products like the iPhone, new cameras and home cinema systems, then keep them afterwards free of charge!

This isn't a conventional "job" - but it may help you earn some more money on the side. As a member you'll get invited to take lots of surveys etc so if you do have the time, and you don't have anything else to do (and aren't earning enough money!) then this is really worth giving a go!

Reward TV

Reward TV is a really fun survey company. They reward you for playing trivia games about TV programmes! Here's how it works:

  1. Register
  2. Watch your favourite TV shows
  3. Answer questions about the TV shows
  4. Earn reward points
  5. Redeem points for high street vouchers

This is fun way of earning high street vouchers for watching your usual evening TV shows!


Number one of Google's core values is "Focus on the user and all else will follow."

We are actively seeking adults in the UK aged 18+ to participate in Google user research. You can help us create products that will make life better for you, your friends and your family.

If you're asked to join a study, we might have you try out a product we're working on or tell us what you think about the products you use every day. Studies can take place in one of our Google offices in Kings Cross or Victoria, or even in the comfort of your own home via your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Once your study is complete, you'll get a thank-you gift such as a MasterCard gift card and more importantly, have our eternal gratitude for helping us make Google products the best they can be.


Ipsos Access Panels is comprised of hundreds of thousands of people who share their opinions. Members take surveys and help shape the products and services we all use everyday.

As a panel member, you have the opportunity to take surveys and influence the marketplace on a wide variety of subjects. Many panelists even get to see new ideas or test new products and services before the general public.

Most members are sent around 4 surveys per month worth 5-250 reward points. At the time of writing 1380 points could be exchanged for £10 Amazon, Boots or Argos vouchers.

World of Tomorrow

Join World of Tomorrow, an exciting research community where you can share your experiences on the latest trends through questionnaires, discussions with other members on the forum or individuals through online conversation with moderators. Your efforts will be rewarded with gift vouchers.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a service which pays its members for taking part in market research surveys. Valued Opinions members receive "cash" redeemable for vouchers for each survey they participate in and quarterly prize draws for members are also held.

For every survey that a panelist completes, the Valued Opinions account will be credited (up to £5). When the account balance reaches £10, Valued Opinions will reward the member with a gift voucher for a broad range of well-known high street and Internet shops.

Register and you will automatically be entered into a competition to win an iPad!

Nielsen NetRatings

Drive the future of the internet with Nielsen NetRatings!

Join the panel and download some software which gives Nielsen an overall picture of internet acticity and behaviour which is used to help leading businesses improve their websites.

Your participation is rewarded with entry in a monthly prize where 150 panelists share £30,000.

The software does not slow down your computer or affect its performance.

Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll is one of the most prestigious and oldest polls in the world - running for 45 years.

The unique thing about it is that you can compare your answers to surveys against those of other people!

Once registered you will be enrolled in the Harris Poll Online Rewards programme where you are rewarded with HIpoints for completing surveys. There is a wide range of merchandise and vouchers in the HIpoints catalogue that you can redeem your HIpoints for.

Registration is free and open to UK residents who are at least 14 years old.


Nielsen consumer panel is a novel panel which sends you a hand held scanner that reads the barcode of products you buy when you get home. Once a week the scanner sends data to Nielsen (free of charge).

You earn gift points when you scan which can be redeemed on great products like ipods and camcorders.

AIP Online Surveys

AIP Corporation serves business organizations and entities from all over the world, primarily from Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Your voice will be delivered and aggregated for the development of better products and services.

After registering as a member of AIP and responding to our online surveys from your "My Page", you will be rewarded with EPoints. Accumulated EPoints can later be redeemed for gift vouchers at a range of stores including Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Argos, Sainsbury's and Amazon. 100 Epoints = £1.

Registration is free and open to any resident in the UK who is 16 years of age or older.

Getting Started With Paid Surveys
Taking paid online surveys is very simple:
  1. Register with a legitimate paid survey company
  2. Fill in your profile information
  3. You will be sent paid survey invitations
  4. Complete the paid surveys you want to and earn reward points
  5. When you reach the minimum threshold, choose your gift certificate / voucher
  6. Your reward voucher will be posted to you
Survey companies match your profile up with the type of people their clients are looking for, so the number of surveys you will be sent will depend on how many survey companies you register with, and how many of their clients want your views. If you want to earn decent rewards from taking surveys then we'd recommend registering with a few of them (3-4 or so) to ensure you get a steady flow of survey invitations each week. You don't have to complete them all, so it's better to have the option!

On top of taking paid surveys, there are other legitimate work from home jobs we can suggest, including freelancing, website user testing and selling your photos online.

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