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A Guide To Travel & Tourism Graduate Jobs

About Travel And Tourism Graduate Jobs
Have you got a permanent case of itchy feet syndrome? Are you that person who, if you’re not hitting the road with suitcase or backpack to go off and explore this beautiful world of ours, then you’re researching and dreaming about your next big trip. It might be explorations around the UK or it might holiday destinations, party islands or retreats.

If this is you, then when you complete your university career, you might well be thinking about getting into the travel industry and applying for tourism graduate jobs.

While some degree subjects might prove more beneficial than others when it comes to applying for graduate jobs in travel and tourism, there aren’t necessarily any degree subjects that would prevent you from finding work in the industry. Travel and tourism jobs are all about having a genuine passion for the industry and if you can convince employers of your passion, and provide some concrete evidence of this, then you will stand yourself in good stead for landing roles.

But what about the degree subjects that could prove advantageous for you in landing your ideal travel and tourism jobs for graduates? Depending on the type of roles you are considering, the following degree subjects could prove useful:
  • Travel and Tourism degree
  • Foreign language degree
  • Degree in business related subjects such as management and administration
  • Sports or P.E degree (for specialist or adventure travel and tourism jobs)
  • Finance degree
  • IT
What Are The Different Types Of Travel And Tourism Graduate Jobs?
Because the industry is so broad, there are many types of travel and tourism graduate jobs you could consider and, of course there is often a crossover with roles in catering and hospitality. If you are more interested in graduate jobs in hospitality, catering, leisure and entertainment areas, see the separate guide for that.

Specifically for travel, let’s take a look at graduate travel and tourism jobs and travel graduate schemes.
  • Travel Graduate Schemes: If you are interested in working for some of the biggest names in international travel and tourism then companies such as Thomas Cook and TUI offer a number of travel graduate schemes. Depending on where your strengths lie, you could be doing travel graduate schemes in leadership, finance, IT and airline operations. Some of these roles could be UK whilst others will offer the opportunity for you to do tourism graduate jobs abroad.
  • Graduate Tour Operator Jobs: Graduates working in head office tourism management jobs for tour operators are likely to be office based. Again, there are a number of duties attached to being a tour operator or working for a tour operator. If you have particular interests such as adventure tourism or ecotourism then you could work for tour operators who specialise in niche areas like this. Graduate travel and tourism jobs as a tour operator could see you work abroad as well as in the UK, networking and researching. Foreign language, business or administrative skills and qualifications might be required for some tour operator roles.
  • Travel Agent: Graduate jobs in tourism and travel could be working as a travel agent. Whilst you would most likely start off working as an assistant in a travel store or call centre, as a graduate, you could soon work your way up to more senior roles.
  • Tour Manager: If you enjoy life on the road, either in the UK or overseas, graduate travel and tourism jobs as a tour manager could suit you. This is a hands on role where you will need to be highly organised and, if you are travelling abroad, a foreign language could be useful.
  • Airline Jobs: Specialist training and qualifications will be needed for these types of roles and a foreign language could also benefit. Pilots, cabin crew and airline operations could all be options for you. As well as national carriers operating scheduled flights, many of the main tour operators also operate charter flights and travel graduate schemes could be available with these.
  • Holiday Rep Jobs: If you are considering tourism graduate jobs abroad, whilst entry level summer holiday rep jobs might not pay the same salary as typical graduate jobs, they do give you the opportunity to spend time abroad, in one or more resorts. Graduates can aim for promotion to head rep roles and quality control management for a region. This could see you living abroad year round.
  • Graduate Airport Jobs: If it’s the buzz of the airport that really excites you there’s a whole raft of graduate tourism jobs that you might want to think about in this field. From specialised aviation roles to administrative positions and customer services.
So, those are just a few ideas for you for graduate jobs in travel and tourism.

What Do Employers Look For In Their Candidates?
We have said that other ways you could impress employers with your passion and commitment to the industry is by showing evidence of this. As well relevant qualifications for some roles, there are many ways in which you could do this. A few ideas are:
  • Work experience - this could be in the UK or abroad. Perhaps you have worked in theme parks, activity centres, summer camps or adventure parks whilst you were a student or on a gap year. Working in ski resorts or on cruise ships are other ideas. If you live in an area frequented by tourists, you might have done part time work or summer jobs at tourism attractions.
  • Placements or Internships - If you have committed to graduate jobs in travel and tourism for some time, you might have done internships or work experience placements during your degree. These might have been related to the travel and tourism industry.
  • Where have you travelled? You might be an avid camper or have a love of luxury travel. Have you taken a gap year and travelled around Europe or other countries around the world? Have you taken package holidays with the big names in travel or taken self drive holidays around the UK? Do you love specialised tours like guided food walks or city walks? Perhaps you are an adrenalin junkie with a love of adventure travel. If you can relate any of this type of travel to the tourism graduate jobs you are applying for then be sure to stress this on your application.
What Is The Salary For Travel And Tourism Graduate Jobs?
For many roles, travel and tourism graduate jobs might not offer top starting salaries in comparison to other graduate careers. Most people in this industry are there because of their genuine love of it. Travel graduate schemes and some aviation roles could prove lucrative however.

These days, many graduates are looking for roles that offer job satisfaction as well as their salary. Depending on the company you work for, tourism graduate jobs can offer lots of perks such as significantly reduced airfares and package holidays. Some roles will also require you to travel to other countries for research purposes.

How Can I Progress My Career?
For many roles, further study such as a Masters degree can earn you promotion to managerial positions. Travel and tourism graduate jobs will equip you with skills that can easily be transferred to other career paths, also.

Apply For Travel And Tourism Graduate Jobs In The UK
So, if you have already got itchy feet and you can’t wait to get involved in the world of travel - and get paid to do it - apply for tourism graduate jobs now.

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