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IT Graduate Jobs - All You Need To Know About Working In The World Of IT

About IT Graduate Jobs
In the UK, you will often read articles about, and hear recruiters talking about, the UK skills shortage. The UK skills shortage affects sectors of the UK economy and industry where young talent isn’t filling the gaps created by older people retiring or filling gaps where brand new roles have been created due to modern developments. If you are considering IT graduate jobs once you have completed university then you are entering a profession where there is a definite skills shortage.

For female graduates, did you know that 90% of people who are currently doing IT jobs are male. Now could be the time to really make your mark in this industry and there are various initiatives aiming to both raise the profile of women in IT and also to attract women to IT graduate jobs and other technology roles. Some companies are also actively seeking to boost their diversity by recruiting more women to IT jobs.

A skills shortage, however, does not mean you are going to walk into IT jobs with little or no effort. You will still need to demonstrate relevant qualifications, skills and experience. When it comes to IT graduate schemes and jobs, though, the good news is that this sector is diverse and there is a whole host of jobs in IT throughout different sectors. These are either directly related to IT or your IT qualifications can equip you to do other types of graduate jobs that are indirectly related.

IT graduate jobs can be available within IT companies but, depending on your specialist area, it is also possible to extend your search beyond these types of firms. When it comes to IT jobs, UK companies of all types will need recruits to be able to fill their computing and technology roles. So, wherever you are based, IT graduate jobs could be available in your area. The nation’s major cities can offer many options, whether that is with larger established companies or with SMEs and startups.

What Are The Different Types Of IT Graduate Jobs?
As we’ve said, this is a diverse industry so there are many types of IT jobs for graduates out there. By now, you might have an idea of the type of role you would like to do. Even if you haven’t, the nature of IT careers mean you can update skills or learn completely new ones by doing short courses to boost your application for particular roles. When you do apply for IT graduate schemes and jobs, the key is to make sure you are clear on the job description and don’t be afraid to ask questions at interview so you can make sure you are choosing the best career path for you.

Possible careers for IT graduates and, for some roles, graduates of other STEM subjects include:
  • Analyst: IT graduate jobs could be as application analyst, data analyst, business analyst, QA analyst or IT support jobs as an IT support analyst. Although these are all different types of IT jobs, the job of the analyst is that of someone who looks at existing systems that are in place and works with others to improve them for the benefit for the company. Analysts sometimes work with staff members of companies to train them up in newly implemented systems. Expect to travel with these types of IT graduate jobs as you will be implementing new systems or making
  • Software Developer/Software Tester IT Jobs: As well as having the key skills and knowledge to develop and test software for companies, excellent communication skills are necessary for these types of graduate IT careers. You need to be able to listen to what a company needs from its software and develop programs that create solutions for clients.
  • Network Engineer: There are many types of engineering careers out there and IT graduate jobs as a network engineer are as specialised as they sound. You will need relevant qualifications to do this role, working as part of a team to design, implement and maintain communication networks within companies and also, sometimes, between different organisations. Coımmunication, analytical and problem solving skills are key to this role.
  • IT Consultant Jobs: It’s oft said that there are many businesses both in the UK and internationally who are not using the IT innovations out there to their optimum levels so that the business benefits. IT consultant jobs will suit those of you who want to help those businesses improve their services and productivity by offering your expertise and technical assistance.
  • IT Sales Jobs: Other types of graduate jobs in IT are IT sales jobs. If you are persuasive and enjoy interacting with clients then these types of roles could suit you. Graduate sales careers are a popular pathway for university leavers and if you have a technical background, focussing your skills on the sale of software and hardware might be the perfect choice for you.
  • IT Security Jobs: IT security jobs are highly technical roles that will require lots of training and courses to keep your knowledge up to date. These types of IT graduate jobs mean you will be highly sought after as more and more security threats hit the nation’s systems. It is your job to counter these and make sure companies are protected from attack.
  • IT Project Manager Jobs: IT project manager jobs are not just about having the technical knowledge of software and hardware and how best to implement them. Project managers in any industry also need to be highly organised and good motivators of people to get projects completed on time.
  • Games Designer / Video Games developer: For some, this could be the ultimate in IT graduate jobs. If you have grown up playing video games and have a passion for the industry, you could apply your IT knowledge to developing games for others. Whether it’s the design aspect of games you are interested in or the programming side, you could be developing games for PCs, smart phones and other mobile technology, consoles, arcade games.
  • SEO IT Jobs: As well as technical knowledge SEO IT graduate jobs will also make use of your creative skills. Writing original content for websites as well as using your skills to run pay per click projects and tweak websites to make them more accessible and give them faster loading times.
  • IT Technician Jobs: If you have a broad knowledge of software, hardware, internet applications and operating systems, then graduate IT technician jobs could be perfect for you. IT technicians can work in many different environments in both the public and private sectors. You might work within the IT department of one company or IT technician jobs could also take you out on the road, maintaining the systems of schools for example or smaller companies.
These are just a few of the jobs you could apply for when you are looking to do IT graduate schemes and other roles. There are lots of other opportunities out there and some of the roles above may also be advertised under different job titles, depending on the companies you are applying to.

What Do Employers Look For In Their Candidates?
When applying for IT graduate schemes and other IT related jobs, employers need to know you have the specific skills and expertise they are looking for. Some IT graduate jobs will require you to have a specific degree, some roles will require a degree in STEM subjects whilst, for others, you could land the role with any degree as long as you have the right attributes. Let’s take a look at some of the key attributes employers might be looking for during your application process.

Have you got work experience?
When applying for IT graduate schemes and other types of IT related jobs, employers will be looking for practical work experience that you might have done whilst studying or after graduation. This might have been an internship within an IT company or an IT department in other organisations. Depending on your degree, you might also have completed an industrial placement as part of your course. This type of experience is valued highly by employers because it means you have worked on real projects in the workplace rather than purely classroom study.

Are your skills specific and up to date?
If you have done an IT degree and are about to graduate or you have only recently graduated then your skills are likely to be up to date and relevant to the IT graduate jobs you are applying for.

Some types of IT jobs will require you to have knowledge of certain programming languages and other packages. If your degree is not in IT and you want to boost your employability, you could opt to do a masters in IT or postgraduate short courses that can give you experience and knowledge about these specific skills. These types of courses can also give you a boost if you are heading for - or have already graduated with - a 2:2.

Is your CV relevant?
Got skills and experience in various programming languages, applications, hardware and SEO? If you are looking to impress potential employers, it could be tempting to list every single skill you have that relates to IT. As impressive as this might look to you, your potential employers don’t want to be scanning through everything to find that one skill they are looking for for their IT graduate jobs.

Make sure you know exactly what the employer is looking for and tailor your CV or technical CV for that particular role.

What Type Of Salary Can You Expect?
The good news with IT graduate schemes and jobs is that, compared with other starting salaries for graduate jobs, IT jobs can be quite lucrative. There is also lots of scope for increasing your skills and knowledge with various professional bodies and this means you will be able to increase your salary quite quickly.

How Can I Progress My IT Career?
Whatever types of IT jobs you choose to do, there is lots of room for career progression in the world of IT. You might choose to broaden your skills so that you can take your career in different directions or, if you have a passion for a particular area of It, you can specialise and develop your career that way.

IT manager jobs would suit those of you with great communication and leadership qualities. Once you have gained a reputation within your field, some of you might choose to do IT contract jobs. This means you aren’t necessarily tied to one particular company and you can enjoy the variety of different assignments.

Apply For IT Graduate Programmes And Jobs In The UK
So, do you think the world of IT could be for you? Are IT graduate jobs right up your street? Whether your passion is software, hardware, SEO, social media, networks and communications, there are IT graduate schemes and jobs out there for you. Take a look at the current IT jobs vacancies to see if there is something matching your skills and passion and you could soon be on the path to ideal careers for IT graduates.

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