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Degree Apprenticeships

09 Mar 2017

Do you want to study for a degree but earn a salary at the same time? Well now you can. Degree Apprenticeships were launched at the end of 2015 but have now come into full force with more frameworks being announced. The new framework allows you to obtain a full Bachelor’s degree (Level 6) or a Master’s Degree (Level 7) combined with full-time work.

Degree Apprenticeships Students

As a Degree Apprentice, you will be employed throughout the programme and work a minimum of 30 hours per week, the rest of the time is spent studying for the degree qualification and will either involve Day/Block release, Distance learning or blended. Generally, the apprenticeships take between 3-6 years to complete, but this really depends on the level and type of apprenticeship you are doing.

So, who is a Degree Apprenticeship for?

Degree apprenticeships are usually targeted at 18-19-year-old school leavers as an alternative route to going to university, they are also seen as a good alternative from the disadvantaged backgrounds who had previously been deterred from studying on a full-time programme because of high tuition fees and accommodation costs. However, this isn’t always the case, Degree Apprenticeships are also suitable for anyone, including 16 – 18-year-olds and mature learners, you just need to make sure that you check each employer as they will require a different set of skills and certain past grades.

In addition to offering Degree Apprenticeships to the school leaver market, they are also seen as a good progression route for anyone who has completed a lower-level apprenticeship but wish to advance their careers by further study, for example, going into Management Level.

There are a number of added benefits to a Degree Apprenticeship, the course fees are usually split between the government and the employer, this means you can gain a degree level qualification without having to incur any costs yourself. On top of this, you are paid a wage throughout the course for working full time.

Below is a list of some of the new frameworks available under this scheme:

  • Chartered Surveying
  • Chartered Manager
  • Aerospace
  • Defence Systems
  • Laboratory Science
  • Nuclear Science
  • Power Systems
  • Digital and Technology Solutions
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Banking Relationship Manager
  • Dental
  • Solicitor
  • Operations Manager
  • Healthcare Practitioner

These programmes are fairly new and are still being development by employers and higher education institutions to ensure that the frameworks are relevant to the current affairs.

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