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Apply to one of the Best Jobs in the World!

04 Apr 2013

One lucky applicant in 2009 grabbed himself the ‘best job in the world’, based on the Great Barrier Reef. Ben Southall became ‘Caretaker of Hamilton Island’, which gave him the 6-month adventure of a lifetime.

This year the campaign is back, and much bigger than before. This time there are 6 roles on offer, each different from the last, giving applicants the chance to find the perfect job to suit them. The positions are based in various regions around Australia, including the incredible locations of Sydney, Melbourne and even Kangaroo Island. Can you think of a better way to spend half a year?

If 6 months in Australia having the time of your life isn’t enough to tempt you, each role provides a $100,000 package (which covers both living costs and salary). Let’s take a look into the roles on offer so you can find the job that sounds perfect to you.

Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)


Do you love wildlife? Look no further! Spending 6 months on Kangaroo Island is the perfect way to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s cutest and friendliest animals. As ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ of the island, you’ll tour the island, learning about and protecting the fantastic ecosystem within it. You’ll get the chance to swim with dolphins and sea lions, and if you’re brave perhaps go cage diving with great white sharks.

As the name suggests, Kangaroo Island is full of kangaroos, which you’ll meet every day. Travelling around the island on foot, by boat, 4×4, or even kayak you’ll spot plenty of wildlife, and you may even get a cuddle with a koala!

Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory)

Another one for the outdoor types, the ‘Outback Adventurer’ role offers the chance for someone with a real love for exploration to get out on Australia’s biggest playground. As your main responsibility will be to uncover the best activities to report back to local holidaymakers with, this position provides the perfect opportunity to get adventurous and immerse yourself in Australian culture. Of course the best way to explore the outback and take in its vast landscape is in the air, so you’ll get the chance to take a hot air balloon tour while you’re there!

Chief Funster (New South Wales)

Here’s one for the city lovers. Are you the life of the party? Here’s your chance to become a VIP in Sydney and check out the latest buzz. You’ll help set up a number of events, and also attend a whole bunch of festivals and parties, reporting back to the world on your experience through social media.  From food festivals, to sporting events, the lucky application will be living the high life for 6 months in Sydney. Who’d have thought you could get paid to do that?

Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne)

Another one for the city-goers, the ‘Lifestyle Photographer’ role gives you the chance to show off your creative side. If you’re one of those people that take hundreds of photos whilst on holiday to make sure you bring home the very best snaps, you’ll thrive in this job! Working as a lifestyle photojournalist for Time Out Melbourne, you’ll scour the city searching for the best bars, events and scenery to get the perfect photos and videos of how people in Melbourne live. Uncover a few hidden gems and report your findings back to the world through your photography, videography and writing skills.

Park Ranger (Queensland)

Here’s another great wildlife role for the outdoor types. Acting as ‘Park Ranger’, the successful applicant will get to know the scenery of beautiful Queensland, learning about the nature contained within it. With amazing waterfalls to see and nature to discover (not to mention the Great Barrier Reef), there are few better places to spend 6 months! Checking the water temperature and patrolling the beaches, amongst other responsibilities, you’ll become one with the fantastic nature of this region.

Taste Master (Western Australia)

The lucky applicant of this role will become a connoisseur of the cuisine in the Western region of Australia; sampling some of the best food it has to offer. Touring restaurants, wineries and breweries, you’ll tantalise your taste buds and spend half a year learning all about new recipes and trying new produce. Additionally you’ll receive the finest service at some of this region’s best restaurants, and even forage for ingredients yourself by catching the best quality seafood.

You can find out more about each role at Tourism Australia and apply to the one that best suits you. Applications close on the 9th April 2103 so don’t hesitate for your chance of the adventure of a lifetime!

This was a guest post on behalf of Tourism Australia and all photos are used by kind permission of the South Australian Tourism Commission.


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