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Summer School Excursion Manager - Hampshire

Pay: £650 + 12.07% Holiday Pay per week
Job Type: Activity staff/Resort Rep, Admin/Secretarial/Clerical,....
Location: TELECOMMUTE UK Hampshire Petersfield United Kingdom Residential
Category: Gap/Temp And Parttime/Holiday
Available from: Jul 2024
Finishes on: Aug 2024
Type of work: Full Time, Indoor & Outdoor , Evening Work, Daytime Work, Weekend Work
Job reference: E06380156
Admin/Secretarial, Childcare/Care Work, Customer Service/Call Centre, Transport/Logistics, Travel/Tourism 2024-05-28 2024-06-21

Job Description

This is a temporary residential post based in Hampshire - accommodation and meals are included.

Are you passionate about education, culture and delivering excellence in all that you do? Can you lead a team, inspire and bring people together? Dusemond Study Programmes is seeking an Excursion Manager for our academic programmes during the summer season. As the Excursion Manager, you will be directly responsible for the effective and safe delivery of all of the excursions in your centre´s programme. You will oversee the operational side of each trip which means, entrances to landmarks and museums, restaurant bookings and transport to and from our center. You will then deliver presentations to our Group Leaders, explaining in detail, all the information they require before each excursion they complete. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that your team are ready to accompany our groups on their various trips and follow the plans we have created for each with energy and confidence. Our Activity Leaders must be well prepared, supported, and motivated, and as a team, you must all strive to leave the local communities we interact with feeling happy to have us around.


As Excursion Manager you will have to organize the transport to and from your center to various sites around the UK. You will have to find the most efficient and cost effective way of managing our coach bookings and allocating staff who will accompany our groups as they explore various places around the country.

To ensure that your centre´s excursions are meaningful, fun and safe, you must study the plans given to you by your Centre Manager and make sure that all the numbers and timings are correct and organise back up plans which we can implement if unforeseen problems arise. It is vital that your Activity leaders feel confident and well lead during these excursions as taking large groups of students around busy cities can be stressful. For that reason, you will create and hand out excursion packs which break down everything you expect your team to do throughout an excursion.

Attend and participate in a senior staff induction

During this time you will be given training in the various technical aspects of the role of Excursion Manager. For example, how to navigate the database, how to efficiently organize the transport for your center, and financial administration. Furthermore, you will also carry out various drills aimed at giving you the skills to successfully deal with whatever circumstantial situations may arise throughout the course of a typical programme.

Making all staff feel welcome and integrated and invested in the team

You will be the person everyone looks to for guidance and support, the tone you set is what everyone else should follow. Activity leaders tend to be quite young so guidance and empathy are two traits you should possess.

Providing direction and leadership for all Dusemond participants

From students, to staff to Group leaders, you need to know what is going on and decide whether we as a center are delivering on our core values ( Cheers ). The decisions you make ultimately shape the success of your center and define the memories that everyone participating will be bringing home with them.

Managing staff satisfactorily and resolving any staff queries

The capacity to bring people together and inspire them is vital in this role. During our programmes there will inevitably be difficult moments and when things go wrong and people´s patience begins to diminish, you must have the ability to hold everything together and guide your team. We believe in creating an environment where everyone has a voice and feels heard and respected. To do that, you must start at the top, with the management team. During trips, even if you are guiding your team from your office at the centre whilst they are on a trip, they should always feel you behind them pushing them in the right directions and alleviating stress wherever possible.

Ensure accurate and thorough administration

Safety is above all, our main concern. Which means keeping the database updated, we must know who has allergies, where each child is, and ensure that we fully understand what is happening and when each day. Managing the finances of your team is also of vital importance as is keeping record of hours worked, expenses etc. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the rotas which your various teams follow are fair and in accordance with the workload described in each member of staff's job description.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that meal cards are correctly administered to students for each trip and oversee the correct distribution of them.

Holding regular meetings with stakeholders, including whole staff, center management, group leaders, host venue staff and individual meetings as when necessary

Communication is the answer to almost any issue that you will face during one of our programmes. You need to have the ability to listen and observe and really assimilate the information you are gaining. You need to have a very clear picture of how each facet of your team is running in order to make the adjustments that are necessary. By fostering a unified approach, you ensure seamless operations and the continual exchange of constructive feedback and insights. Beyond that, everyone needs to feel like your door is always open and that you have time to listen to whatever it is that they have to say.

Before each excursion you will be expected to deliver detailed presentations explaining all the logistics behind our plan. These presentations shopuld include drop off and pick up points, the length and location of walking tours, where shops that the students´meal cards are suitable for are, public toilets etc.

You will also be expected to carry out staff appraisals which involves a non biased and thorough assessment of how people are performing and what we can do to help them continue to thrive. The ability to offer constructive criticism and confidentiality is therefore a prerequisite.

Ensuring Group Leaders are properly looked after and involved in the programmes

Group leaders are the bridge between our company and the students´ families and the agents who promote our programmes. As the level of experience they have in this industry varies greatly, it is important that you are able to make them all feel like part of the family, especially when their real homes and families might be on the other side of the planet. You must always treat them with respect and show them how organized we are and regularly meet with them to explain what is going on and talk through any concerns they may have. By doing so you ensure a unified approach thereby fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment for them and their students.

Be responsible for safeguarding and the welfare of our students

Not only does this include ensuring the physical, and mental wellbeing of all of our participants, but also the ability to intervene when behavioral issues arise. Taking groups of students around the country is a big responsibility so you cannot afford to cut corners in any way.

Skills and Abilities

  • Strong leadership and management skills and the ability to support, motivate and develop staff

  • Proven ability to meet targets and adapt to changing circumstances

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills

  • Numerate and articulate

  • The ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, work under pressure and, when necessary, with minimal resources

  • Ability to work to deadlines

  • Ability to juggle priorities and demonstrate a sense of urgency

  • Strong Microsoft office skills

  • Desire to implement process improvement

  • 18+

  • Right to work in The UK

  • Experience in summer school industry ideal or with children or in some form of tourism.

Contract Duration:

Temporary (July 5th - August 6th)

If you are ready to lead, inspire, and contribute to a transformative summer experience, we invite you to embrace the spirit of Dusemond Study Programmes. CHEERS to a memorable journey!


  • be over 18 years of age
    be eligible to work in the UK
    get an enhanced DBS check (paid for by Dusemond)
    have a good level of English

    Existing summer school experience and mangement experience preferred.
  • If successful, you must have permission to work in the UK by the start of your employment
  • You must be able to speak English fluently
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