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Intelligence Analyst

Pay: £17k+ during 1st year, rising to £20k+ after 1 year
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom
Category: Graduate And Entry Level
Available from: Immediately
Finishes on: Ongoing Position
Type of work: Full Time, Indoor & Outdoor
Job reference: E03840828
Defence/Security, Government, Telecommunications, Transport/Logistics, Travel/Tourism 2021-04-23 2021-12-31

Job Description

Have you ever thought about a career in the Royal Air Force? Could you be the ears that keep us safe?

The RAF performs a wide range of duties to serve and protect the UK and the world. Intelligence Analyst (Linguists) interpret foreign language transmissions using state-of-the-art surveillance systems, providing vital intelligence to support military forces deployed around the world.

What would you be doing?
• Collect, collate and evaluate intelligence from multiple sources
• Monitor and analyse radio and electronic transmissions broadcast throughout the world
• Gather valuable information about the enemies’ strengths, weaknesses and movements
• Disseminate tailored Intelligence to commanders, aircrew or troops on the ground

Becoming an Intelligence Analyst (Linguist) in the RAF means having the incredible opportunity to learn another language; opening yourself to a wider world and culture, whilst doing a job that brings essential intelligence for the RAF. When not deployed on operations around the world, you will intercept, translate and analyse foreign signals. The information is passed up the chain of command and distributed throughout the British Armed Forces to ensure they can carry out their roles safely; it alerts them to any potential threat to life or operations. You could be listening to Air Traffic Control or communications between enemy troops.

Is this for you?

Applicants must:

• Be aged between 17 – 48.
• Be a UK citizen from birth.
• Must have resided in the UK for 7 years immediately preceding application.
• Parents/Spouse must currently have UK citizenship.
• Commit minimum 3 years’ service post Phase Two Training after specialist training.
• Meet the health and fitness criteria.
• Have 2 GCSEs in Maths and English (Grade C or Level4/5)

Bursary Opportunity
A bursary up to £6000 towards your study is available. To qualify you must:
• Be studying BA (Any Language) or BA (Combined degree with Arabic or Russian).
• Be willing to join a University Air Squadron and pass a fitness test annually.
• Be successful in our recruitment process.
• Be willing to join the RAF as an Intelligence Analyst (Linguist) when you have graduated University.


Initial –
In the RAF you will receive the highest level of training to make you the best in your field. Your career will start with a 10-week Basic Recruit Training Course where you will learn:
• fitness and military training
• about RAF core values
• the code of conduct and the history of the RAF.

Specialist –
The next step is 2 years of specialist training at the Defence Centre for Languages and Culture (DCLC) at which you’ll learn:
• to become fluent in a modern language
• the sources of intelligence, the techniques for processing intelligence and basic report writing
• the RAF intelligence structure, as well as introducing you to the worlds of electronic warfare and electronic intelligence.

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