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The Royal Navy Supply Chain Logistician (Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship)

Royal Navy
Pay: £1,666.66
Location: Hampshire Gosport United Kingdom
Category: Entry Level
Available from: Jan 2021
Finishes on: Ongoing Position
Type of work: Full Time, Indoor & Outdoor
Job reference: E03510312
2020-06-29 2020-12-31

Job Description

You’ll be part of an indispensable close-knit team of logisticians who ensure your colleagues and crewmates all over the world have what they need to be operationally effective, whether they’re delivering humanitarian aid or deployed on a combat mission. That means everything from bullets to bed linen, to fuel and food. Without you, global naval operations would literally grind to a halt.

Learn about managing a complex global supply chain, and how to source the items you need, all over the world.

Learn additional skills as an Incident Board operator, helping damage-control teams fight fires and floods.

Personal Qualities :

  • The ability to thrive on responsibility 

  • Confidence making decisions in high-pressure situations

  • A problem-solver, with a common sense approach, who can work well as part of a team

  • A real sense of adventure, with a high level of physical and mental fitness

Skills Required :

The Royal Navy will give you skills. We’ll develop your abilities, train you to be the best, show you how to achieve your goals and give you recognised qualifications

Future Prospects :

You’ll start your naval career as an Able Rate. With experience and further training, you could be promoted to Leading Hand and beyond. If you show the right commitment, skills and academic ability, you could become a Commissioned Officer. Members of the Royal Navy are promoted on merit. Work hard and you can rise through the ranks

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