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Clickworker is a crowdsourcing company with over 300,000 freelancers and independent contractors at its call. Since it was incorporated in 2005, Clickworker has helped businesses work on complex projects by matching the right freelancers with the right jobs.

The company provides a virtual workforce in business sectors including online marketing, E-commerce, media and information & directory services. Some of the skills that their freelancers excel in are SEO content, translation, web research, data categorisation and data tagging.

Although computers can now automate many tasks, Clickworker understands that there are still many, many tasks that only a real person can do with complete authority and authenticity. For example, although there is now software which can ‘spin’ dozens of different online articles from one master piece of text, there is no real substitute for a completely original piece of content written by a freelancer who can research a topic and write about it well.

Clickworker has managed outsourcing projects for massive clients worldwide including Groupon, Honda, Paypal, Deutsche Telekom and hotel.de.

The good news for students and other young people with a bit of time to spare is that YOU can sign up with Clickworker as a freelancer or independent contractor and start earning cash yourself. The great thing about this sort of online freelance work with Clickworker is that you can work the hours that you want to, using skills that you probably already have anyway.

So, what sort of tasks could students carry out for Clickworker on a part time basis?

Well, if you have a computer or a laptop and have access to an internet connection, then you could easily carry out some proofreading or copywriting for Clickworker.

The company could provide you with a piece of text or a full article and ask you to proofread it to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors and that it reads well as a whole. You could also be asked to produce a piece of original writing yourself. There are a wide variety of subjects and themes that Clickworker might look for your help with – examples include product descriptions and hotel reviews.

Typically, multiple freelancers will work on different tasks for one larger project that a client has outsourced to Clickworker.

Because all of this sort of part time work is based online, it takes your location out of the equation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student in Manchester, London, Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast, as long as you can log on, you can start earning money with Clickworker.

Have a quick look at the Clickworker Youtube video and check out the latest freelance positions they have available below.

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