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Did you know that some companies will pay you good money to test out their websites? Well, yes, there are plenty of businesses that want to road test their websites to make sure they are free from bugs and offer a user-friendly experience.

UserTesting.com is a US company that finds people to test out sites for website owners – and they’ll pay you to sit at your computer and work through a website’s pages. They actively recruit people in the United Kingdom to help them to help other companies.

UserTesting.com was formed by Dave Garr and Darrell Benatar when they realised how frustrating and difficult usability testing seemed to be. Dave had worked on websites for big names such as Apple and HP and then carried out some user testing on Darrell’s company, Surprise.com. When Darrell saw how effective the usability testing techniques were on his own website, the pair decided to set up UserTesting.com to give the same level of insight to other companies.

UserTesting.com allows companies to “look over the shoulder” of a typical user from their target product market to see where people may drop off their site or get confused with their online systems. It helps them to improve their websites and, ultimately, their conversion rates and profits.

That why companies are willing to pay UserTesting.com, and why UserTesting.com is willing to pay YOU!

So, what sort of companies use the services that UserTesting.com offers?

Well, it’s a very side variety of sites really. You could be testing out sites for web marketers, games developers, designers, entrepreneurs, product managers or mobile app developers.

For students, graduates or other young people with a bit of time on their hands, UserTesting.com is a great way to pick up a bit of extra cash. You can work from home anywhere in the United Kingdom at the hours that suit you.

UserTesting.com pays around $10 for a 20 to 25 minute test. That equates to over £6 a test, or around £15 to £18 an hour at the time of writing. And the company pays out via PayPal a week after you complete a test, so it’s easy to get hold of your money.

If you are approved by UserTesting.com then they will send you a website to work through whenever a company requests a test by someone who fits your demographic profile. You do the tests with an online screen recorder so that you can describe your journey through the client’s website.

UserTesting.com look for people with their own PC or Mac, a broadband internet connection and a microphone for their computer. You must be at least 18 years of age, speak fluent English and be able to articulate what you are thinking through the microphone at the same time as you are carrying out the test.

If you think you fit the bill, then check below now to see if UserTesting.com are currently looking for new recruits in the UK.

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