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Student Guide - Getting a Job!

Overview of the Student Guide
We deal with students, young people, general jobseekers and careers services on a daily basis and one thing we certainly know is that the whole process of "getting a job" is not always an easy task.

In fact, the challenges of finding work and successfully landing a job have become even more difficult in recent times, no matter whether you are at school, college or university.

To make things even more challenging for students and other young people who are looking for work, there is often conflicting advice from friends, family and other advisors on the best way to go about the various steps involved in getting a job.

That's why we've put together these two Student Guides - so that all of the key details, strategies and advice for being a successful job candidate are right there so that students can feel confident in their job hunt.

The first Guide is ideal for school and college students who are looking for part time jobs or some work in the holidays. The second Guide is tailored more towards undergraduates who are looking for part time work, holiday jobs or some work experience while they are at university.

Getting a student job - under 18

Under 18 student guide to working
Getting a student job - over 18

Over 18 student guide to working

In both Student Guides there are details on the obvious, but not always straightforward, aspects of getting a job; where to find vacancies, how to write cover letters and CVs, online application forms and interviews. There is also information on legal matters, what employees are entitled to at work and help on actually starting the job.

We hope both students, teachers and careers services alike will find our guides useful - but don't just take our word for it! Check out the feedback below which we've already received from some of our contacts around the UK.

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Careers Services & Teachers: These guides to getting a job are perfect for handing out or emailing to your students, displaying in your careers area or uploading to your school, college or university website.

We also have a student finance guide to help students save money while at university.

What People Are Saying
"Great idea, really informative and some useful information for parents also!"

Mrs J Jerome-Ruttley, Sir William Ramsay School, High Wycombe

"The student guide is great! Really comprehensive and a fantastic resource. I think all of my pupils would benefit from your advice!"

Mrs E Serventi, Shavington High School, Cheshire

"I think it is great! Lots if detail and very informative. I thought it covered all aspects of post-16 planning in a nutshell for students and the way it was set out is very pupil friendly."

Miss Samantha Bethom, Cardinal Newman Catholic High School, Warrington

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