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CV 'security is essential'

11 Nov 2008

CV 'security is essential' Those searching for graduate jobs in London have been warned to ensure they secure their CVs to avoid becoming victims of identity theft, according to new research.

A new experiment launched by iProfile, shows that recruits are exposing themselves to the risk of fraud by sharing their CVs freely with strangers, onrec.com reports.

iProfile teamed up with the Metropolitan Police and the Information Assurance Advisory Council, placing a fictional job advert in a national newspaper inviting people to apply for the post by emailing their CV, the website states.

Former identity thief Bob Turney was then given the CVs from the 107 applicants and found that in the majority of cases enough information was provided for identity theft to be carried out, according to the news provider.

Rick Bacon, chief executive officer of iProfile, told onrec.com: "With tens of thousands of people flooding onto the job market every week, the threat of CV identity theft should be at the forefront of peoples' minds."

"Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the UK," he added.

Meanwhile, a study by the Centre for Retail Research shows that retail crime in the UK topped £4.1 billion last year, according to the Retail Bulletin.

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