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Employers Predict Rise In Redundancy

01 Nov 2008

Employers Predict Rise In Redundancy This week saw the release of a survey report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development showing that employers are predicting a rise in redundancy. CIPD chief economist John Philpott said, "The onset of recession is already putting jobs at risk but many more are in the firing line as employers consider their next move in a fast deteriorating situation.”

In these credit crunch days - and with unemployment on the rise - it is now more important than ever to Optimise Your CV.

Very often, just by doing the things you enjoy, you can enhance the look of your CV and make it stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days where the best employers think that travellers are simply job-shy drop-outs. Most recent research suggests that packing your rucksacks in the summer holidays may not only broaden your horizons, it might actually increase your future job prospects. These days it can actually be a valuable asset to be able to say on your CV that you have seen the sun rise over Uluru or have eaten Krupuk in Bali.

But, perhaps the most impressive part of your CV is the Work Experience section. If you already know your future career direction then you should try to find relevant temporary jobs in the field – even if it’s at the bottom of the ladder or voluntary. Part Time/Holiday Jobs and Gap Year/Temporary Jobs are great ways to boost the strength of your CV and get you into the interview room for that ideal job when you graduate.

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